Why You Ought To Carry A Proper Umbrella

January 2017Words by Mr Shane C Kurup

Nowadays, carrying an umbrella in public wouldn’t raise eyebrows, but when globetrotting philanthropist Mr Jonas Hanway first used one on the rainy streets of London in the 1750s, he was subjected to a torrent of abuse. Hansom cab drivers, who relied on inclement weather to ensure a steady stream of customers, saw Mr Hanway and his newfangled “portable roof” as a threat to their livelihood. Cabbies would fling insults and rubbish at him or, worse, attempt to run him over. Today, thankfully, there aren’t such prejudices against this once-maligned accessory and, while many of us make use of a hood, or just brave the deluge, there are definite merits to investing in a proper defence against the elements.

It completes an outfit