You Asked: How Do I Dress Smartly For College In 2020?

1 week agoMr Porter

Mr Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). Photograph by Paramount Pictures/Capital Pictures

The casual-wear tsunami has been one of the most seismic tremors in the world of men’s style over the past decade. What once was deemed acceptable solely for the gym is now commonplace in the boardroom. Today, that guy in a hoodie and baseball cap in front of you in the queue for your morning coffee could well be the CEO of a FTSE 100 company. Blame the tech bros (actually, there’s a lot we can blame Mr Zuckerberg and his ilk for, it transpires). They swept into Palo Alto in their cashmere sweatpants and gilets (the Facebook titan actually favours Brunello Cucinelli T-shirts in meetings), eager to identify themselves as different to their swollen, captain-of-industry peers who traditionally sat behind a desk in pinstripes. They were more dynamic, more woke – and to demonstrate this stylistically, the smart Oxfords and starched shirts were swapped out for cult sneakers and organic cotton T-shirts. The most notable example of this is Mr Jeff Bezos, who went from middle-management shirts and ties to polo shirts, gilets and cargo trousers. Where is this all leading, you ask? Well, @guwanc.77 has a question to pose…

When 95 per cent of other students are underdressed, what should I wear to college?

From @guwanc.77, via Instagram