You Asked: What Will Spring Style Look Like In 2020?

4 days agoWords by Mr Stephen Doig

Milan, January 2020. Photograph by Mr Jason Jean/

This week’s question isn’t so much a query as a rather assertive statement. A demand, even. And given that in certain parts of Europe and North America right now, glacial temperatures pervade, the request for a preview of how to dress once the weather thaws might seem a tad presumptuous. Short-sleeved shirts and espadrilles seem a long way off when a hulking-great Canada Goose coat and stomping boots are your wardrobe go-tos as we steer through mid-February. But the spring collections have started to filter through and, with them, an optimistic eye as to what men will be wearing in the warmer months. Trends are a tricky game and I’m yet to meet the man who slavishly wants to wear looks straight off the catwalk, but there are certain adjustments that we’ll be making come spring. But first, our question/direct order.

I would like to see some spring looks.

@sanderbrusse, via Instagram