20 Luxury Pieces Built To Withstand Winter

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20 Luxury Pieces Built To Withstand Winter

Words by The MR PORTER Team

17 November 2023

We could waffle on about temperatures dropping and days getting shorter, but why waste time? Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? By that we mean gloriously thick cashmeres, timeless shearlings and stylish throws. Behold our list of the 20 most delightfully snuggly, cushiest and cosiest pieces on the market right now.

01. The flight-ready Acne Studios shearling jacket

To get your private pilot’s licence requires at least 45 hours of instruction, 10 hours’ supervised solo flight and a big old pile of cash. With this Acne Studios shearling jacket, you can look the part with considerably less effort. (Did somebody say “next-day delivery”?) Sure, it is still quite an outlay, but for a piece that is already a proven classic and will only look better with a few miles on the clock.

02. The plush mohair-blend Auralee sweater

When you drill down into it, the phrase “snug as a bug in a rug” isn’t one we should be comfortable with. Perhaps we should even call in an exterminator. This brushed mohair-blend sweater by Auralee, however, is something even the most deeply carpet-ensconced moth larva will be looking at with envy. Keep yours stowed in vacuum storage and arm yourself with lavender and cedar, accordingly.

03. The shearling-lined Brunello Cucinelli jacket

Corduroy has come a long way from the workhouses of 19th-century Manchester, where it was originally commissioned for manual labour and military deployment. The output of 21st-century Solomeo – where the “thinking souls” of Brunello Cucinelli’s workforce have kindly added a touch of sumptuous cashmere to the mix – is no less hard wearing. But would you really want, or need, to put that to the test? We’ll settle for a thought experiment as we bury ourselves in this jacket’s lamb shearling lining.

04. The two-tone Burberry wool throw

The product description says “throw”, but we’d suggest you appreciatively drape this two-tone stretch of Jacquard-woven wool across your armchair. Or, in times of trouble, yourself. Consider it a cuddle from Burberry’s chief creative officer, Mr Daniel Lee.

05. The ribbed CELINE HOMME hoodie

Our sincere thanks to CELINE HOMME, who is doing the necessary work of creating loungewear pieces that are comfy enough for WFH days, but that we equally wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door in. In fact, this ribbed wool hoodie, logo-stamped hoodie is so sleek that we’d go as far to say that it would be crime for it to only be seen by your sofa.

06. The comfy George Cleverley suede boots

Come the cold season, we can think of no two words more pleasing to our ears than “shearling” and “lined”. Thankfully, heritage British cordwainer George Cleverley got the memo, whipping up this leather-trimmed waxed-suede boots that’ll keep your toes nice and toasty, while looking rather dashing while they’re at it. Clever, indeed.

07. The tartan God’s True Cashmere overshirt

Not content with being the most preternaturally handsome almost-60-year-old (yes, really) on the planet, Mr Brad Pitt is now on a mission to make sure the rest of us are as well-turned out as he is. Enter God’s True Cashmere, his luxury clothing line, which crafts everyday essentials from the world’s most sought-after fabric. That includes this plum tartan flannel overshirt, which is ideal for autumn-winter layering.

08. The premium ZEGNA cashmere sweater

On the prowl for an exquisitely made yet understated sweater to add to your rotation this autumn? Turn to the latest collection by ZEGNA, where you can be certain there’s not a scratchy novelty knit in sight. Instead, what you’ll uncover are unflashy pieces that are spun from the finest materials and epitomise quiet luxury. This plush mock-neck sweater in 100 per cent cashmere, with goes-with-everything swagger.

09. The statement Jil Sander beanie

When the cold hits, few things deserve a spot in our wardrobe essentials quite like a tactile beanie hat. Jil Sander’s fuzzy version is perfect to liven up any neutral outfit. It has a soft handle that’ll make the ideal winter companion – and guarantees unwrappers’ delight, too. Style yours over darker layers or opt for the tonal mohair sweater.

10. The heritage-steeped Johnston of Elgin scarf

Johnstons of Elgin has been making everyday, versatile pieces such as this cashmere scarf for more than two centuries, so you can trust the Scottish brand to keep you toasty once winter arrives. Every piece is locally knitted in its Elgin mill using only the finest raw materials and classic patterns that work well with the rest of your outerwear.

11. The reversible Loro Piana gilet

Gilets and vests have been all the rage recently, and for good reason. Take Loro Piana’s reversible style – you can layer it over knits and beneath more substantial outerwear. You can also wear it on the suede side or wrap yourself in the plush shearling layer without needing a change of outfit. A win-win, if you ask us.

12. The fuzzy Marni mohair cardigan

The word “cult” is thrown around quite a lot in the world of fashion, but if there’s an item of clothing that has indeed amassed such a following in recent times, it’s got to be Marni’s mohair cardigan. The Italian luxury brand has updated the coveted design with different colourways every season. This lilac, blue and green version – available exclusively at MR PORTER – is one of our favourites.


The essential Mr P. rollneck sweater

Autumn dressing would be absolutely nowhere, lost in the picturesque woods, without chunky, comfy sweaters. All hail the alpaca, that ever-generous Peruvian camelid. Whether blended (as it is here) or pure, it’s wool is one of the staples of the season, and never disappoints. Mr P.’s petrol-blue rollneck is our top choice this year – if you need a new winter hero or simply fancy a change, then look no further.

14. The homely Officine Creative mules

Too many of us will wrap up in woollen sweaters, snuggle in snoods and hunker down in hats while neglecting to take equal care of our feet. Treat your toes to a toasty new home with this pair of Introspectus shearling-lined mules from Officine Creative. Made from the finest Italian suede, they also have slingback straps for greater versatility.

15. The super-soft Rick Owens calf-hair gloves

True story: we once knew someone who thought the phrase “handle with kid gloves” meant something was difficult and fiddly because it would be like squeezing your mitts into child-sized sheaths, rather than the softness for which goat-kid leather was renowned. These Rick Owens calf-hair gloves would give any kid pair a (very gentle) run for its money. Crafted by Italian artisans in a 25-step process, they still have finger cut-outs for cold-weather Instagramming.

16. The all-enveloping Stone Island jacket

It may be a shearling jacket, but this Stone Island hooded design is about as far from the football-manager cliché as you can imagine. Quiet luxury on the outside; just nice and quiet on the inside, where with the hood up you can retreat from the world and relax. It’s a detailed, flawless, statement jacket – the statement might be “I’m about to lay down the final mix on my debut house album” or simply “I’m about to lay down.” Your call.

17. The Elder Statesman psychedelic cardigan

Whether you’re actually hitting the slopes this season or simply crashing by the fire at the resort, might we recommend this colourful, shawl-collared cardigan from The Elder Statesman? The LA-based brand makes some of the best cashmere bits on the market and you’re sure to be the envy of the Alps when you pull this on.

18. The Row’s ultra-luxe beanie

Ah, the humble beanie, beloved by construction workers, fishermen and creative directors alike. This one is not particularly humble, however, because this one was made from cashmere by the luxury magicians at The Row. We’re lovers of everyday items made ridiculously luscious, and this is the perfect example of such a thing.

19. The TOM FORD investment bomber jacket

Just try to stop us prattling on about cosy shearling this time of year. And with this glossy bomber jacket from TOM FORD, we’ve played all the hits. This is simply a style that will never go out of fashion and which is endlessly wearable. It’s an investment, yes, but one that will only get better with wear.

20. The ZEGNA x The Elder Statesman cashmere-lined slippers

Our exclusive collaboration from ZEGNA and The Elder Statesman is full of pieces designed to keep you warm from head to toe. These slippers cover (literally and figuratively) the latter. Fashioned from cashmere-lined alpaca – we mean, can you think of a combination more seasonally appropriate than that? Neither can we.