ARKET Makes The Case For Wearing All The Colours At Once

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ARKET Makes The Case For Wearing All The Colours At Once

Words by The MR PORTER Team | Photography by Ms Iris Humm | Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle

15 March 2023

There is great joy to be found in wearing bright colours, but many of us swerve them because they are harder to style than, say, black, white and navy. You purchase a bright yellow shirt, for example, and let it languish in your wardrobe. You occasionally pull on a green jacket only to worry that it is too green.

It might surprise you to learn that colours are best styled with other colours. We call this colour blocking (not to be confused with “pop of colour”) and it means wearing bright solid colours with bright solid colours that will add some dopamine-inducing pep to even the greyest of days.

Our collaboration with ARKET can furnish you with just such pieces of wearable sunshine. See below for our suggested pairings and never fear colour again.

You have pulled on your sunshine sweatshirt, but what now? Black? Only if you’re into bumblebee cosplay. We recommend a green puffer to complement what is sure to be your happiest shirt. This is dopamine dressing to the absolute max.

Sky blue might not be the first shade of blue you reach for, but it should be – especially if you have blue eyes. Or green. Top off this lightly padded gilet with a grass-green beanie. If you’re not dressing to match your eyes, you’re simply not dressing.

Take a peek at the colour wheel to find colours that go together, specifically blue and orange. This fun get-up comprises a fiery orange collarless padded coat, which is the perfect transitional layer, and cobalt wool-fleece trousers. They may not seem like natural counterparts, but are surprisingly perfect together.

It’s that sky blue again, this time in the guise of painter-style corduroy trousers. Throw on a white T-shirt and this sunflower-yellow fleece gilet made from recycled materials and you have a cheery combination for a walk in the park or coffee with friends.

You can pile on colours without sacrificing style, as this seafoam organic cotton hoodie and cobalt overshirt attest. Wear with denim and white sneakers or, if you’re feeling brave, cream trousers, which will highlight your vivid top half.

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