Essential Wardrobe Tips From The Seventies (No, Really)

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Essential Wardrobe Tips From The Seventies (No, Really)

Words by Mr Adam Welch

29 October 2015

From left: Messrs Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford and Dennis Hooper were some of our favourite 1970s style icons


Don't be scared of brown

Mr Michael Douglas in The Streets of San Francisco, 1973. Photograph by ABC Photo Archives/ ABC via Getty Images


Stay away from the barber

Mr John F Kennedy Jr and Ms Meg Azzoni during the sixth annual RFK Tennis Tournament at Forest Hills in New York City, 1977. Photograph by Ron Galella/ Getty Images


Embrace the power of the turtleneck

Mr Roy Halston in his office, New York City, c.1979. Photograph by Michael Evans/ Getty Images


Never be without a pair of aviators

Mr Dennis Hooper, on location for The Last Movie, Peru, 1970. Photograph by Alan Pappe/ Corbis


Take tennis off the court

Mr Bryan Ferry at his home in London, 1976. Photograph by Michael Putland/ Getty Images


Throw on a denim jacket

Mr Ryan O’Neal outside Pip’s nightclub in LA, c.1975. Photograph by Gary Lewis/


Your lapels should be as wide as your smile

Mr Dustin Hoffman during the Straw Dogs press conference, 4 March 1970, at the Royal Garden Hotel, London. Photograph by Tom Wargacki/ Getty Images


Shearly you can't be sherious...?

Mr Robert Redford in Downhill Racer, 1970. Photograph by The Kobal Collection