How To Tie A Full-Windsor Knot

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How To Tie A Full-Windsor Knot

Words by Mr Adam Welch

25 May 2016

The one to whip out on the big day.

Now, this is not the kind of thing you’ll find yourself doing every day. The full Windsor, a decidedly, superlatively formal knot, should really only be whipped out for the most special of occasions, such as a wedding, or… actually, really, it’s just for weddings. Even then, it’s not a knot that works with every kind of shirt or tie – the point of it, really, is to fill up the wide triangle at the collar that is left by a shirt with a wide spread or cutaway collar, such as this one from Turnbull & Asser, or this one from Hackett. With any other kind of shirt, it’s just going to look a bit too big. Given that the knot at the collar in a full Windsor uses a lot of fabric, you’ll need a classic, long silk tie to tie it – avoid knitted or tweedy varieties, they will just be too bulky. And because it’s a wide knot, an equally wide tie is the most appropriate kind to go for here. If you’ve made it to the end of that, admittedly, rather intimidating volley of caveats and you are still convinced that this is the knot for you (ie, you’re about to get married), then click play on the video above, in which we take you through the necessary steps in under a minute.


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