Dutch Courage: Why You Should Get Some Clogs

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Dutch Courage: Why You Should Get Some Clogs

Words by Mr Ashley Ogawa Clarke

15 August 2022


The posh rubber Gucci clogs

Rubber clogs are popular among chefs and nurses, thanks to how comfortable they are when you’re on your feet all day. For a more leisurely look that still retains good foot-feel, try Gucci. The slate-grey rubber from which the brand’s Elea clogs been crafted has the appearance of grained leather, which makes them the fanciest rubber shoes we’ve ever seen. Hey, they certainly beat flip-flops.


The classic suede Yuketen slip-ons

The fashion designer Mr Yuki Matsuda is loved in the menswear industry, and not just because he posts great pictures of ramen on his Instagram account. He makes consistently excellent shoes for his brand Yuketen and is a master of moccasin-style footwear. These clogs are trimmed with jute and cut from durable suede. They’re as comfortable as clouds and will last years and years.


The Bottega Veneta poolside clout shoes

The shade of sunlit palm fronds, these bright green rubber clogs from Bottega Veneta feel like summertime in shoe form. They’re comfortable and are just the thing to take on a relaxing beach holiday. Far be it from us to encourage any poolside peacocking, but we guarantee these will make you the most fashionable man at your hotel. From the ankles down, anyway.


The sleek and sophisticated Officine Creative slingbacks

Smart but not stuffy, these suede slingback clogs from Officine Creative are elegantly casual shoes that you can wear anywhere. Popping out for a pint of milk? Schlepping round an art gallery? Planning an outfit for that second date? Congratulations, you’ve found the shoe in which to do it all.


The SAINT LAURENT throwback western clogs

Shoes like Jagger? These leather clogs from SAINT LAURENT hark back to the glam rock styles of the 1970s and have cowboy buckles to boot. There’s no need to pair them with impossibly tight jeans and a mullet, though. They’ll look just as good with relaxed denim or even a suit.