The Latest Mr P. Drop: Five Of Our Favourite Pieces From The Collection

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The Latest Mr P. Drop: Five Of Our Favourite Pieces From The Collection

Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith | Photography by Mr Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz

2 September 2020

01. The striped sweater

There are many drawbacks to the weather getting chillier (and also rainier), but sweaters are not one of them. And, in times like these, cocooning yourself in something cosy is your prerogative – no, your right. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. We encourage you to spoil yourself with a drawer full of cable-knit, fishermen and Fair Isle styles, but this gloriously fuzzy number in tones of burnt orange, burgundy and rusty red is a strong start.

02. The oversized coat

You might think that oversized items of clothing are just a trend dictated by the fashion industry illuminati, but you’d only be half right. Yes, a little room in your outerwear is in, but it also serves a highly practical purpose during the colder months, when the roomy fit leaves enough space for all those cosy sweaters and chunky cardigans you’ll be wearing underneath. Think of this coat as an investment. While layering up might seem an alien concept in the balmy early days of autumn, you’ll be thanking us later when temperatures inevitably take a dive come October.

03. The pleated trousers

It wasn’t that long ago that pleated trousers were considered a retro affair. We’re not entirely sure why they ever fell out of vogue, but we’re willing to bet that their return to relevance, as with anything vaguely mid-century, had something to do with Mad Men. At any rate, we’re glad they’re back. Comfort and practicality are the new sartorial keywords post-lockdown, which pleats can provide far more than a pair of skinny jeans. Mr P.’s twill pair feature the rarer double pleat, which equals double the style points in our book.

04. The suede trucker

A suede jacket will always be a good idea. A suede jacket with a removable shearling collar? Well, that’s a stroke of genius. And that’s before we get to the autumn-appropriate colour: a chocolate brown that you’ll have zero trouble working into your current repertoire. Note the trucker-inspired design; our Style Director Mr Olie Arnold is a fan, and points out that it’s the kind of classic cut that you can wear on the weekend with jeans and a sweater or take down a smarter route with a shirt and tailored trousers if you’re meeting colleagues or clients.

05. The flannel overshirt

Overshirts are vaguely defined articles. There are those that look like a lightweight chore jacket, and those that are more akin to a particularly hefty shirt. This one, made from soft flannel, is a happy medium between those two poles, which makes it just about right for what we refer to as the “transitional” months: that period where the weather can’t quite make its mind up and you’ve yet to settle on the outerwear to invest in this season.