New Mission: New Wardrobe

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New Mission: New Wardrobe

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge | Photography by Mr Blair Getz Mezibov | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

6 September 2017

Which Kingsman tribe do you subscribe to: Savile Row suave or rugged Americana?.

For the past seven seasons – or three and a bit years, for those of you who don’t speak fashion – MR PORTER’s exclusive Kingsman label has presented a vision of men’s style rooted firmly in the sartorial codes of traditional British tailoring. It makes sense when you consider that the film on which the label is based, 2014’s action-packed spy caper Kingsman: The Secret Service, revolved around the actions of a covert intelligence agency working from behind the facade of a Savile Row tailor’s shop. As becomes apparent in the sequel, though, style comes in many guises.

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the debonair Kingsman agents leave their HQ behind and travel to Kentucky, US, where they join forces with their American counterparts, the cowboy-esque Statesmen. On the one hand, the dapper English gentleman, resplendent in his double-breasted suit and cashmere overcoat. On the other, the rugged American rancher, at ease in his suede jacket, raw-denim jeans and wide-brimmed hat. Two characters separated by an ocean, but connected by the universal thread of timeless masculine style.

This September, to mark the arrival in cinemas of this eagerly anticipated new instalment of the Kingsman franchise, MR PORTER’s menswear line expands from its British roots to incorporate the Statesmen’s wardrobe, too. This range of American classics, created in collaboration with heritage brands such as Stetson, Jean Shop, Mister Freedom, Golden Bear and Rocky Mountain Featherbed, now stands shoulder to padded shoulder alongside the existing Kingsman range. It’s a new allegiance in style, a special partnership that’s available only at MR PORTER.