The MR PORTER Podcast: A Style Obsessive’s Guide To The Finer Details Of Menswear

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The MR PORTER Podcast: A Style Obsessive’s Guide To The Finer Details Of Menswear

Words by Mr Adam Welch

1 May 2020

If there’s one thing MR PORTER has learnt after almost a decade in the business of style, it’s that the best menswear collections dwell on the details. Each season there will be fresh trends that excite us, new points of view that grab headlines and provoke interesting conversations, yet what often makes the critical difference in the day-to-day life of one’s clothing is the presence of a well-placed pleat, a hand-made horn button, an ingenious type of zip or some clever contrivance with the seams. So we didn’t have to think for long about the focus of our latest full-length podcast series, or its title, “The Details”, which we are delighted to present to you in its entirety, below.

The six episodes of “The Details” offer a journey across the globe, touching down in London, New York, Tokyo and Paris, among other places, to investigate the ins and outs of the little things that matter most in menswear. In the course of this quest, host Mr Adam Welch talks to a range of expert collectors, craftsmen and enthusiasts, as well as some of the most detail-obsessed names in contemporary fashion, including Ms Margaret Howell, Mr Thom Browne, Mr Olivier Rousteing and Ms Emily Bode. Scroll down to listen to the individual episodes, or subscribe to The MR PORTER Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or your preferred podcast provider to enjoy them all at your leisure.

Episode 01. Buttons

The button is a wonderful thing – ancient in design, pleasing to the touch and eminently collectable. In this episode, we visit Ms Margaret Howell in London and Auralee in Japan to have a rummage through their collections.

Episode 02. Collars

One of the most trend-sensitive details out there, the collar has nonetheless sustained its eminence well into the modern age, both in the hands of traditional collar makers such as Mr Matthew Barker of Barker Collars in Dorset and, as Mr Thom Browne explains in this episode, as a piece of timeless utilitarian design.

Episode 03. Labels

What’s in a label? A lot more than just bragging rights, as we discovered when we visited multi-award-winning art directors M/M Paris and Barbour’s head of menswear, Mr Ian Bergin, for this episode.

Episode 04. Zips

Not just a good way to keep a jacket on, but a symbol of anarchy, rebellion and eroticism. In this episode, we discover why the zip has a special pull for Balmain creative director Mr Olivier Rousteing and explore the next frontier in zip technology with The North Face Japan.

Episode 05. Pleats

Pleats, please? Whether you’re broad-chested or rake-thin, pleats and darts will ensure you look your best. In this episode, we explore their technical merits at Huntsman in Savile Row and drop in for an appointment with Mr Luca Rubinacci, the man behind modern tailoring’s most generously pleated trousers.

Episode 06. Stitching

It’s what holds it all together, yes, but stitching is so much more than that. In this episode, we explore the Japanese art of sashiko stitching with Tokyo-based designer and boro collector Mr Gaku Tsuyoshi and quiz Ms Emily Bode about how she’s using stitching to drive a new, more sustainable mode of consumption in men’s fashion.

Illustration by Mr Doug John Miller

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