Five Low-Key Investment Pieces To Snap Up This Season

Words by Ms Fedora Abu

Photography by Mr Benjamin Breading

Styling by Ms Sophie Watson

7 February 2023

If there’s one word ­that could sum up modern menswear – or indeed modern life – it’s choice. A sheer abundance of options. A never-ending glut of variety. All well and good for greedy clothes-obsessives, for whom each new drop is akin to Christmas. But what about those who simply want to find something stylish and practical to wear without wading through the, er, wackier end of the fashion spectrum? If that sounds like you, then allow us to cut swiftly through the noise. Below, we’ve highlighted five low-key new arrivals from this season that you’ll refer back to time and again.

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The everyday IWC watch

IWC Schaffhausen’s Big Pilot is an all-season staple watch for good reason. But if you’re on the hunt for something a little more – pardon the pun – dialled down, then take note of this bronze-encased beauty. An exclusive-to-us, limited-edition timepiece, it bears all the markings of the 43mm classic, but this time around is finished off with a robust Alcantara strap that’s designed to weather everyday wear.

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The khaki Loro Piana bomber

Fans of Loro Piana will be well aware that the fabric-first heritage label doesn’t do anything by halves. Hence why this throw-over-anything khaki bomber is not only spun from the brand’s impossibly soft signature cashmere, plus an extra dash of silk in the lining; it also comes equipped with a clever waterproof and wind-resistant membrane. Call it brains and beauty.

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The Row luxe rollneck

Fashion-insider favourite The Row doesn’t exist to reinvent the wheel, but rather create the most luxurious, most elevated, most thoughtfully constructed wheel imaginable. In sartorial terms, that means a seemingly simple creation such as a rollneck sweater is cut for a perfect relaxed fit, cast in a palate-cleansing beige hue and knitted from the finest cashmere – nothing more.

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The TOM FORD retro sneaker

While you’ll most often find Mr Tom Ford himself in buffed-to-a-shine black Derby shoes, he has rather magnanimously created his own spin on sneakers for the less preternaturally polished among us. Which isn’t to say his sportswear-inspired pieces are any less luxurious – these Italian-made, retro-style James low-top runners, which are trimmed with chocolate-brown suede and a cream calf leather, are a case in point.

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The sleek Jacques Marie Mage aviator sunglasses

Sure, the sun might not be beaming quite as much as we’d all like it to in the northern hemisphere right now, but we’re here to remind you that a sleek pair of shades is as much a style flourish as it is a protective barrier for your peepers. As it happens, this gold-tone aviator-style pair by cult eyewear label Jacques Marie Mage is so devilishly handsome that it’d frankly feel criminal to keep them in a drawer nine months of the year.

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