New York Style Giants

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New York Style Giants

Words by Mr Stuart Husband

5 February 2015

Mr Jock Whitney shot against the backdrop of the city, 1947 Arnold Newman/ Getty Images

Mr Bob Dylan

Mr Dylan in his post-folk look, US, 1965 W Eugene Smith/ Magnum Photos


From left: Messrs McDaniels and Simmons in the outfits that took hip-hop to the masses, circa 1986 Brian Rasic/ Rex Features

Mr Lou Reed

Mr Reed on the streets of New York, late 1970s The LIFE Picture Collection/ Getty Images

Mr John Hay “Jock” Whitney

Mr and Ms Whitney at Saratgoa Race Course, circa 1934 Bert Morgan/ Getty Images

Mr Andy Warhol

Mr Warhol photographed by Mr Elliott Erwitt, 1986 © Elliott Erwitt/ Magnum Photos

Mr Anderson Cooper

Mr Cooper arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman, 2014 Photo Splash News/ Corbis

Mr Roy Halston Frowick

Mr Frowick across the pond, Paris, 1960 Jean Barthet

Mr Bill Cunningham

Mr Cunningham in his element, 2013 Dmitry Gudkov