Three Ways To Dress For Your Summer Wedding (No Matter How Small It Is)

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Three Ways To Dress For Your Summer Wedding (No Matter How Small It Is)

Words by Ms Lili Göksenin

29 April 2021

There are several reasons to have a small wedding. It’s more intimate; you’ll save money; it’s legally required by law. Whichever the reason (we know, it’s likely option number three), planning a wedding for 50 people or fewer will change the calculus around every detail. If you’re saving money on headcount, for example, can you reinvest the funds into mind-blowing wine? Do you need all your frat brothers involved, or will one exceedingly good friend do the trick?

It might not feel like it now, especially if you’re on round two of wedding delays or plan changes, but small weddings can be a blessing in disguise. Intimate and personal, there’s endless scope for making the day yours. That goes for style, too. Toss out black-tie expectations, or even sleepy morning suits. Make this day about you and what make you feel comfortable and stylish. Here’s what to wear to make even the smallest of weddings that much more special.


Modern prep

For the men who perhaps would have had a massive country-club wedding if things were different, we recommend sticking with your clean-cut code, but dressing it down a bit and adding a little modern flavour to the mix.

Grey suits by brands such as Officine Générale are a great choice – one you can easily rewear to work – and look smashing with box-fresh sneakers. If you simply must have a striped tie in the mix (hey, we get it, collegiate roots run deep), might we suggest one with muted instead of sherbet tones?

Invest in your guests as well. Now that there are fewer on the list, you can thank them for being in your life with a favour (remember those?) – try a candle that bears the scent of your flowers, or beautiful stationery. Having a party that honours your guests as well as your union is the ultimate way to show the people you love that you, well, love them. That’s what weddings are all about.


Low-key luxe

Maybe you were going to have a black-tie affair on New Year’s Eve, maybe a blowout destination wedding in Morocco. Channel all that good luxurious energy (and cash) into a smaller affair with no holds barred. Smaller groups mean better food (even the most talented chef will struggle to make excellent dishes for 500), which calls for a deep wine list and excellent pairings. And now that you’re treating your event like a considered dinner party, you might as well dress the part.

A double-breasted puppy-tooth blazer is about as old-school luxurious as it gets. Try updating a Kiton piece by pairing it with Brunello Cucinelli trousers in a lighter shade and a blue button-down shirt with a light check (mixing subtle prints automatically makes the look more laid-back). Polished penny loafers and a beautiful IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN Portugieser (a gift from your sweetheart, perhaps) finishes this “obliging host” ensemble.


Rock ’n’ roll

No stuffy venue? No problem. In fact, this new plan suits you just fine because you didn’t want to do all that traditional crap anyway. And why would you? Cookie-cutter weddings aren’t memorable for anyone involved, much better to let your real tastes drive the show. And your real tastes are for live music (how we’ve missed thee), messy hair (unavoidable nowadays) and wonderful Parisian style.

Book a band you love (even if the guest list is under 20), then throw on your Gucci dancing boots beneath a slim SAINT LAURENT blazer and just-as-slim trousers from The Row. A patterned shirt and considered accessories will look great in pictures. We recommend investing in a few Polaroid cameras and shawls for the guests in case the fun lasts into the chilly wee hours, which it will.

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