Smart Accessories For Winter Weather

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Smart Accessories For Winter Weather

Words by Mr Tom M Ford

3 November 2016

Face the elements in style with these pleasing, practical pieces.

If you were an intrepid Everest explorer, staying smart in the cold would mean industrial-strength down jackets, crampons, and doing whatever you could to ensure a finger doesn’t fall off following a nasty attack of frostbite. For us mere pavement dwellers, though, staying smart in the cold means something a little different. Despite winter coming around roughly once a year (global warming hasn’t completely distorted that consistency just yet), some of us can always seem a little unprepared for what it brings and often a dip in the temperature can result in a dip in style standards, too. So we’ve put together an edit of accessories that will always keep you smart in the cold weather, and you have no excuse for not being as prepared as you are well-dressed. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather – only unsuitable clothing.

You need not ditch the smart shoes and plump for Wellington boots on your commute as soon as the winter weather arrives. Similarly, you do not need to admit defeat on an evening out and take a spare pair of socks to change into when you arrive. Try these. Built to last in bad weather, these Derbies have a shearling lining to keep your toes toastie, hardwearing full-grain leather, and have a durable rubber soul to stop you slipping, which also prevents water coming in. But best of all they still retain the requisite air of smartness you might need in the office or on an evening out.

If you’re looking to stay smart in winter, your scarf should be there for more than just its insulating purposes. It should stand alone as a well-made, easy on the eye accessory. Much like this from Begg & Co – a brand founded more than 150 years ago in Paisley, Scotland – is a lambswool/cashmere scarf with a sophisticated blue-and-grey check. And don’t ruin it with the gloves. The ones you use to go running in won’t do, but these by Want Les Essentiels – which manage to swerve the “serial killer” leather glove category – will more than suffice.

When it’s chilly outside, it’s always pleasant to have something warm and fuzzy close to your person. That thing could come in many forms. A loved one – whether that be human or animal. A head-warming hat, perhaps. Or even a bag. Before you question how a bag could provide a reassuring, tactile experience, take a look at this one. Part canvas, part mélange flannel – it wouldn’t be our go-to piece if it was particularly wet, but it would be if we needed a little reassurance in the cold.