Style Tips From At Least One Gallagher Brother

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Style Tips From At Least One Gallagher Brother

Words by Mr Jim Merrett

20 June 2017

A 1990s look courtesy of the Britpop duo.

Need some time in the sunshine? (Sorry, “sun-sheee-ine”.) Well, our kid, Glastonbury is around the corner and – as we hit the big red button that fires this jumble of words straight into the heart of what was once known as the worldwide web – the forecast looks good. Plus, with at least one Gallagher brother (Mr Liam Gallagher, to be precise) on the bill, and rumours of another (Mr Noel Gallagher) joining him – or instead the pair maintaining a very vocal hostility towards each other; or both – perhaps now is as good a moment as any to channel the spirit of Oasis and the Britpop era. But don’t look back in anger; instead, opt for the nonchalant stylings of the 1990s that live forever in the form of these pieces, cherry picked from the cyber racks of our What’s New shopping aisle. And remember: tonight, you’re a rock-and-roll star.

The jacket

Maybe this is gonna be the one that saves me – er, you (or the one worth saving up for, at least). Well, while we’re hoping for that aforementioned sun-sheee-ine, it pays to be ready for anything. This beautifully crafted leather bomber jacket by Bottega Veneta might not be one to stuff into a vast, Worthy Farm-bound hiking backpack, but it packs more than dash of Gallagher swagger. Perfect then if you live your life in the city, and there’s no easy way out to Somerset this weekend (you probably see more on the telly anyway, right? Right). Top it off with a pair of sunnies that in true Gallagher form themselves riff off Mr John Lennon: round, our way.

The shirt

When it comes to a top, you gotta make it happen. Some might say the polo is more symbolic of Oasis’ arch nemeses Blur, but both Gallaghers could often be spotted sporting a Fred Perry shirt. This version by mod-minded designer Paul Smith is cut from smooth cotton-jersey, with a pop of colour thanks to the fun collar (which you could in turn wear popped up for extra attitude points). Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans that aren’t just looking for some action (“act-cee-un”), but seem to have seen some in their short life.

The picture

Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball, then – what catches your eye? It’s only a limited-edition, mounted black-and-white print of the Gallagher brothers, shot by legendary rock photographer Mr Kevin Cummins. Taken in their hometown Manchester, days before the release of their debut album Definitely Maybe, it captures the glorious don’t-give-a-fook demeanor of the about-to-be-massive (and don’t they just know it) Gallaghers moments before they exploded into the collective cultural consciousness. These days, the only exploding the pair do is at each other. Should they wish to take it outside, we suggest that instead of a slagging match they settle their differences over a game of bat and ball with this set by Frescobol Carioca (in a fitting Manchester City blue). And if one does flounce off, the other can at least hit it against a wonderwall.

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