You Are Now Entering Super Mart: A Tour Of Our Exclusive Pop-Up

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You Are Now Entering Super Mart: A Tour Of Our Exclusive Pop-Up

Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith | Photography by Mr Jeff Hahn | Styling by Ms Sophie Watson

2 August 2021

Being an adult is great, but remember that pure rush of unruly excitement you felt as a child when you were granted a visit to the toy shop? Whether you were able to convince your parents to let you leave with anything was hardly the point. That plastic paradise was an endless emporium of joy. Nowadays, few things incite that feeling. As a grown-up, the closest you usually get to experiencing that feverish enthusiasm is when you leave the Ikea showroom and approach the marketplace section (or perhaps the café, depending on your personal degree of fondness for Swedish meatballs).

Well, brace yourself. Because Super Mart, our latest collaborative collection, aims to stoke that unbridled giddiness and it launches on site today. The line-up features cherry-picked pieces from up-and-coming-brands such as Polite Worldwide, Better Gift Shop, General Admission and Jam Homemade as well as the latest wares from some familiar MR PORTER faces such as Neighborhood, Beams Plus, Endless Joy, Aries, Billionaire Boys Club, Gallery Dept. and COME TEES. In most instances, this is stuff you’ll be able to find only at MR PORTER. In the case of Undercover MADSTORE, the cult Japanese shop-within-a-shop dreamed up by Mr Jun Takahashi, it’s the first time these pieces have been available to shop online and outside Japan.

In a nod to the collection’s eclectic spirit, we photographed it on bright young things Mr Malcolm Yaeng, a model and artist, Mr Safil Kawamura, who works in interiors, and actor-slash-musician Ms Clementine Chalfant. It’s not just your wardrobe we have covered. There are plenty of graphic T-shirts, hoodies and fleeces to satisfy your streetwear fix, but there’s also a smorgasbord of collectable bits and bobs in the mix. Key chains, skateboards, figurines, candles, mugs, incense sticks, phone cases, coolers, jewellery, stickers, lamps, games consoles, bandanas, rugs, water bottles, bucket hats, beanies, caps, tote bags and even an old-school working cassette tape have all made the cut. Think of it like the world’s most stylish pick ’n’ mix. We can’t wait to dig in.

What’s in store