The Best-Dressed Men At The Grammy Awards

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The Best-Dressed Men At The Grammy Awards

Words by Mr Ashley Clarke

29 January 2018

From Mr Zayn Malik to Mr Donald Glover – all the sharpest looks from the red carpet.

Last night’s 60th Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York marked the first time in 15 years that the ceremony has been held outside of LA. After the blackout dress code at the Golden Globes earlier this month (where attendees wore all black in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement), similar support at the Grammys was shown with a white rose to represent peace, hope, and resistance, which celebrities pinned to their clothes bridegroom-style. Perhaps the dearth of bright shades at the Globes had a depressing effect, because, as you’re about to discover, the Grammys was an exercise in dressing as individually (and often as colourfully) as possible. Or perhaps that’s just musicians for you.

Not one to pass up his moment to comment on the political situation, South African comedian Mr Trevor Noah took a swipe at the American president at the awards ceremony, saying the he loved Mr Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s performance of “Finesse” because: “It takes me back. Like way back, to when Trump wasn’t president.” Fortunately, the sharpness of Mr Noah’s tongue is matched by his suits – his dark jacquard jacket may not have been the most noticeable look on the red carpet, but in dressing as in politics, it’s more about what you say than how loud you shout (or, for that matter, tweet). How fitting.

Award winner Mr Donald Glover is a master red carpet dresser of the “don’t try this at home” variety – there are few lessons to be learned here other than that if you ever have the absolute audaciousness to wear an all-white suit – perhaps one from Ermenegildo Zegna, as seen here – do your best to emulate this man. Still, we hope there wasn’t any red wine floating around – the idea of a celestially-dressed Mr Glover being within splashing distance of anything other than water is giving us palpitations.

Mr Legend attended the Grammys with wife Ms Chrissy Teigen, her baby bump resplendent in a glittering silver gown. Like any sensible husband, Mr Legend didn’t upstage his wife, but that’s not to say his double-breasted Burberry suit wasn’t one of the finest looks to come down the red carpet last night. The inky hue of the jacket had just the right amount of sheen, and was finished off smartly with a sharp black bow tie.

Mr Zayn Malik is consistently well turned out when it comes to red-carpet dressing, but we think he may have outdone even himself here. This dusty pink suit from Savile Row tailor Richard James fits the singer perfectly, and the shade of blush is confident (without shouting about it, mind). Even his bold choice of sock with loafers (just out of shot) feels in harmony with the look. Bonus points for his take on the white rose – he made it his own by wearing the motif as a patch on his lapel.

Mr Khalid Donnel Robinson, known simply as Khalid, is a name we expect you’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming months – while he didn’t win any awards last night, he was nominated for five, including Best New Artist. Onto his clothes: Khalid opted for a candy-pink suit, and paired it with some Gucci Rhyton sneakers and an apple green rollneck. Yes, we’re aware of how horrifically saccharine that sounds on paper, but we don’t make the rules – some people can get away with dressing like a large piece of marzipan, and Khalid is one of them.

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