The Best Dressed Men Of February 2018

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The Best Dressed Men Of February 2018

15 March 2018

From Mr Chiwetel Ejiofor to Mr Wes Anderson, our global roundup of the men who wore it well last month.

So here we are, at the end of awards season. Shall we just get that whole business out of the way in one fell swoop? OK then. People wore tuxedos. They wore them at the Grammys and then the Baftas and then the Oscars. They played around with the format – there was a lot of black on black, a bit of midnight blue and one entirely white ensemble (clearly Mr Timothée Chalamet is not one to be outdone) – but that’s the long and short of it. Now, let’s move on and pay some attention to a number of men who may not necessarily have found themselves within spitting distance of a golden trophy (and much less won one) this month, but nonetheless deserve to be celebrated for the style and flair they brought to the wintry, Game Of Thrones-worthy proceedings of February 2018.

Mr Chiwetel Ejiofor at the National Gallery, London, 26 February. Photograph by Mr Ian West/PA Images

This is a wonderful suit. At every point, it’s clearly been fitted (or altered) to cleave perfectly to Mr Chiwetel Ejiofor’s body, but at the same time it’s not overly skinny. This can be a problem with the kind of designer suits that are often foisted upon celebrities by their stylists. The colour – a sort of browny grey – is subtle yet interesting, and warmly set off by the shoes, a particularly richly patinated pair of Derbies. In short, we imagine (and fervently hope) that the British actor will get several wears out of this one, whatever capricious direction fashion may take in the next few years.

Mr Douglas Friedman at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York, 22 February. Photograph by MYCM/Famous

We like the eccentricity of this look, in which a velvet dinner jacket is worn in a casual way with slim jeans and some Converse Chuck Taylors. It’s definitely partly to do with the moustache, which gives photographer Mr Douglas Friedman a sprightly, knowing look. But it’s also to do with the simplicity of the colour scheme. Take note, aspiring red-carpet walkers, how the rich texture of the velvet lifts the whole outfit when illuminated by a camera flash. Presumably Mr Friedman knows this, and that’s why he’s grinning from ear to ear.

Mr Emanuele Farneti at Milan Fashion Week, 20 February. Photograph by Mr Riccardo Giordano Sicki/IPA/REX/Shutterstock

You don’t often read the words “Vogue” and “anorak” in the same sentence, so you should make the most of reading the next one. Which goes something like this: here is Mr Emanuele Farneti, the editor of Vogue Italia, wearing an anorak. How did you find that? Good? Anyway, let’s be clear. What’s especially special about this photograph is that Mr Farneti makes the anorak look stylish. At this point, we might even put the word “crisp” out there. By what magic alchemy he’s managed to pair this piece of green outerwear with some tailored trousers and brown brogues and carry it off, we don’t know. But, presumably, that’s why they made him editor. We bow down to his sartorial nous.

Mr Josh O'Connor at the Bafta Nominees’ Party in London, 17 February. Photograph by Mr Paul Treadway/

You might assume, given the comparative sizing of the logos on this step-and-repeat backdrop, that actor Mr Josh O’Connor is holding two packets of Caffè Lungo capsules behind his back. But look more closely. He’s at the Baftas, and the pose is merely rising-star bashfulness. No matter. This is a sharp but youthful take on dinner dress, which replaces the customary shirt with a black crew-neck sweater. If he weren’t clearly attending an awards ceremony (or, perhaps, a coffee morning), you’d assume he was some hot-shot architect with a rigorously minimal aesthetic. What’s more, you’d want to commission him, which, we think, can only testify to the success of this particular outfit.

Mr Patrick Schwarzenegger in New York, 8 February. Photograph by

To anyone who would attest that you can’t follow fashion trends and look normal, we would say, “But look at Mr Patrick Schwarzenegger. Look at him.” Here he is, wearing a pair of Balenciaga Speed Socks (trend: statement sneakers), a deep-blue coat (trend: velvet) and a voluminous crew-neck sweater (trend: oversized), and carrying it all off like it’s the most natural thing in the world, moseying round a New York street corner. There’s a reason why it works. He’s kept everything under control via a restrained colour scheme and a judicious selection of volumes (the jeans aren’t too slim, the coat’s not too big). But more importantly, the actor/model has made the often emotional team at MR PORTER feel like we might not just be endlessly sending all this trend stuff out into the void of the internet to no avail.

Mr Sergei Polunin at the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC AW18 show, New York, 13 February. Photograph by Ms Kelly Taub/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Pirouetting gracefully onto the On The Town radar this month, ballet’s foremost bad boy was one of the star attractions of February’s fashion show by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, a brand that, a couple of years ago, we used to just type up as “Calvin Klein” and have more coffee breaks. Seeing as this is an entire look from the brand’s SS18 collection, we’re not going to set off on a flight of fancy about how Mr Sergei Polunin painstakingly put it together and wonder at his ingenuity in doing so, but you have to admit that it suits him. It’s a wonderful example of just how defiantly cool the brand’s head designer Mr Raf Simons’ punkish tailoring can be.

Mr Troye Sivan at BBC Broadcasting House, London, 20 February. Photograph by Mr Michael Wright/

You will be familiar with Mr Troye Sivan as the man who is a hugely successful popstar who is much younger than you. But are you familiar with Mr Troye Sivan as the man who knows how and when to wear a pair of rockabilly-style loafers as part of a 1950s-tinged monochrome look that also has something of 2018 about it? Consider this your awakening from the former state of consciousness into the latter. And yes, for the record, we are jealous.

Mr Wes Anderson at the Berlin Film Festival, Grand Hyatt Berlin, 15 February. Photograph by Mr Hubert Boesl/Photoshot

Mr Wes Anderson looks, here, like he might have got lost on the Gucci runway and wandered off until he hit some big blue thing. But (minus the blue thing) he’s looked like this for decades. When it comes to style, the director is a leader, not a follower. There are therefore plenty of tips you can glean from this outfit, if you’re the kind of man who likes to be ahead of the curve. A yellow tie with a browny-green tweed suit? Likely to be a thing soon. Cropped trousers with a slight flare? Get a pair now, before everyone’s doing it. The Wallabees? Ditto. If you need more pointers, head straight to The Daily and read our recent blockbuster article, What Mr Wes Anderson Has Taught Us About Style.

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