The Best-Dressed Men Of The Year

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The Best-Dressed Men Of The Year

Words by Mr Adam Welch

31 December 2015

From Mr David Beckham to Mr Mark Ronson, we round-up the most stylish men of 2015.

Welcome the inaugural “best-of” edition of On the Town 2015. Excited? We are. In fact, we may have got a little bit carried away. After all, it’s difficult, when scouring through the past 365 days of hot-ticket events and flashbulb-worthy people, to keep two feet on the ground and not crave a little bit of a red carpet moment of one’s own. So, if you’ll indulge us, we’ve come up with our own cluster of glittering (disclaimer: not real) awards to hand out to this year’s most prize-worthy celebrity dressers. Imagine these being presented at a broadly publicised, black-tie event, with all the appropriate video montages, tears, speeches and toasts, and you’ll have the mood about right. Here goes. Ahem. And the winners are…

Mr Mark Ronson in London, 18 September 2015. Photograph by David M. Benett/ Getty Images for Coach

In 2015, we saw many sartorial sides to Mr Mark Ronson, all of them good, and all of them not just stylish but inventively so. In fact, he’s been a bit of chameleon this year, stepping beyond the quiffy, 1950s rock’n’roll look with which he’s frequently associated and giving us 1970s languor, Eastern promise (in his tux, collar brooch and slippers combo at this year’s Met Ball) and even a bit of streetwear. He’s also very much on the pulse of the contemporary scene – a fact illustrated by his masterful wearing of the relaunched Coach’s shearling-embellished bomber, above. Let’s hope his outfits continue to plough through the annals of style with equal vigour in 2016.

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Mr Paul Bettany and Ms Jennifer Connelly in New York, 13 May 2015. Photograph by Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

There’s something very “icon-in-the-making” about the way Mr Paul Bettany has been dressing this year. And we like it. Opting for minimal classics in his casualwear, such as stone-coloured chinos, plain white tees, boots and denim jackets, he’s spent a lot of time stalking round the streets of New York looking like an off-duty Mr James Dean, all the more impressive because, at 6ft 2in, he has nigh-on a foot more to dress than the compact 1950s star (who was 5ft 6in). When it comes to stepping out on the red carpet, he’s also exercised remarkable restraint, focusing on minimal, slim-cut suits that flatter his lean frame, accessorising only with a pair of rather fun glasses with tinted lenses. This unusual accessory seems designed for posterity, making him look like he’s just emerged from/ about to head to a legendary party. So, good for him.

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Mr Nicholas Hoult in Los Angeles, 7 May 2015. Photograph by Getty Images

Tensions were high in the MR PORTER office as we tried to decide whom to bestow the above accolade upon for this special edition of On the Town. Would it be actor Mr Eddie Redmayne, whose kaleidoscopic tailoring in 2015 ran the gamut from turquoise to cobalt, via loud multicoloured checks (see last month’s Gucci ensemble for proof)? Or would it be Mr Nicholas Hoult, the less exposed but Tom Ford-approved underdog, who tended to go for more conservative sartorial choices, but wore them in an interesting way, pulling out a few colourful corkers for good measure? In the end, after a bipartisan water-cooler discussion that reached a dramatic climax with a Givenchy pouch being thrown heatedly across the room (narrowly missing a Buyer’s face), we decided that, seeing as Mr Redmayne had already won an Oscar this year, it was only fair we gave Mr Hoult his time to shine. As justification, please find above an image of the burgundy-coloured Alexander McQueen suit that he wore to the LA premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road. We like this outfit because, though it’s definitely a statement, Mr Hoult has tamed its loudness somewhat by sticking loyally to a single colour throughout. Other highlights include his FBI-worthy grey suit of May 2015 and the very sharp tuxedo he threw on for the Venice Film Festival.

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Mr Vincent Cassel at a Cannes photocall, 14 May 2015. Photograph Xposure Photos

There’s a lot of peacocking that goes on in the entertainment industry, particularly at places such as the Cannes Film Festival – supposedly an event that people attend to watch new movies, but in reality an excuse for lots of famous actors to stand around and get photographed in different outfits. Out of the many vying for attention this year, Mr Vincent Cassel was a standout for his effortless mixing of classic Riviera style with something a bit more modern and sporty, thanks to his restrained colour palette and neat, slip-on sneakers. The outfit above is the Palme d’Or winner, but Mr Cassel has shown consistency off the Croisette, too, sticking to a similar formula throughout the year, favouring in particular an attractive knitted blazer and adopting a grizzly, salt-and-pepper beard that suits his angular face shape.

Mr David Beckham in London, 8 February 2015. Photograph by Jonathan Hordle/ REX Shutterstock

What really is there left to say about Mr David Beckham’s personal style, given that he already expounded upon it at length in his MR PORTER Journal interview this year? Let it be known that since its foundation, Mr Beckham has been a fixture of On the Town in the same way that champagne is a fixture of good parties. The man dresses well. As no annual round-up would be complete without him, the lesson we’re choosing to take from Mr Beckham this year is how to wear a tuxedo. The above example demonstrates exactly what a good dinner suit should look like, simple, elegant and dressy, with a single crease in the trousers near the hemline. The fit is perfect (slim, but not tight) and the accessories are particularly well judged, from the generous bow tie (smaller ones can look a little waiter-y) to the shiny patent leather shoes (absolutely appropriate in this situation). You might as well bookmark this now – it will still be just as good next year. And perhaps, forever.

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Mr Alasdhair Willis and Ms Stella McCartney in New York, May 2015. Photograph by Mr Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

It’s not clear how Mr Alasdhair Willis manages to spend every waking moment looking like he’s just stepped out of a trunk show, wearing head-to-toe brand-new clothes, but somehow, that’s how it is. Perhaps his wife, Ms Stella McCartney, runs a particularly tight ship at home when it comes to grooming, styling and de-bobbling. Perhaps, when he's walking about, he tries not to actually move his limbs too much, to avoid creasing. In any case, he always looks both stylish and incredibly sleek, whether he’s stepping out in adidas Superstars and a rollneck or, as above, in a sharp double-breasted jacket. In short, we at MR PORTER would love to know his secret.

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Mr Alessandro Squarzi in Florence, June 2015. Photograph by WENN

Italian Fashion entrepreneur Mr Alessandro Squarzi completely nails it with his outfits so frequently and so spectacularly, that we could pretty much compile an entire On the Town article devoted entirely to him. Of course, that wouldn’t be entirely fair to the others, who are also trying, so instead we’re going to bestow him with the hyperbolic, imaginary award, above. For those who aren’t already familiar with Mr Squarzi’s outfits of 2015, his style can be summarised by the above image, which displays his incredible facility for combining disparate elements – here alone he’s brought together penny loafers, a military-inspired jacket, white chinos and a denim waistcoat, for goodness sake – into a satisfying, masculine whole. He can do tailoring with sneakers. He can do bomber jackets, rollnecks and grandad shirts. He can do anything. He also always has a smile on his face, something that deserves an award in itself.

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JR in Istanbul, 23 May 2015. Photograph by Will Ragozzino/

We at MR PORTER are huge fans of street artist JR and his personal style. The tricky thing is, he doesn’t tend to pose too frequently for full-length pictures (often he’s too busy carousing with famous pals such as Messrs Pharrell Williams or Robert De Niro), which means he’s difficult to include regularly in On the Town (which has a rather brutal picture research policy). Of course, his unavailability just makes him even more cool, a status he hardly needs given his deft combinations of print-laden pieces from Junya Watanabe, enviable collection of indigo denim and seemingly ingrained ability to really carry off a hat. For all these things we salute him.

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