The Return Of Kingsman

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The Return Of Kingsman

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge | Photography by Mr Jon Gorrigan | Styling by Mr Olie Arnold

26 April 2017

Kingsman + Drake’s 8cm Striped Silk Tie Coming soon

Introducing the latest collection, for off-duty international espionage – because even master spies need a holiday.

It’s not unusual for the spy genre to push the boundaries of credibility. You don’t have to sit through a James Bond movie until the credits roll to realise that gritty realism is hardly the order of the day. If there’s one thing that’s certain to have us scoffing at our screens in disbelief, though, it’s not the sight of our favourite secret agent leaping from a moving car, hanging out of a helicopter, or disposing of incompetent henchmen in a hollowed-out volcano. No, it’s the fact that he’s doing it while wearing a suit, shirt and tie – and yet not once does he reach for a handkerchief to mop his brow.

The latest Kingsman collection, which is available now on MR PORTER, pays homage not just to the inimitable style of the gentleman spy, but also to his seemingly miraculous ability to stay cool whatever the circumstances. It features double-breasted suits – a signature Kingsman silhouette – that come partially lined, feature only lightly padded shoulders and are cut from tropical-weight fabrics, which makes them a far breezier proposition than a fully lined suit. The lack of internal structure also allows the fabric to drape naturally from the shoulders, ensuring a softer, more relaxed silhouette.

New arrivals also include a single-breasted, cotton-twill suit in a rich shade of toffee-brown, a double-breasted suit in slub linen and a black barathea tuxedo with a self-facing shawl lapel, a departure from previous Kingsman collections, which have featured tuxedos with lapels cut from a contrasting fabric, such as satin or grosgrain silk. Elsewhere, there are nods to the now well-established motifs of the Kingsman brand. Suits are cut from traditional British fabrics sourced from heritage mills – expect pinstripe wools from Halstead and Prince of Wales checks from Dormeuil.

None of this is guaranteed to keep you cool in the midst of a firefight. Kingsman has never been about that. The original collection may have taken inspiration from the world of the on-screen spy – it was originally launched as a costume wardrobe for Mr Matthew Vaughn’s hugely successful 2014 spy movie Kingsman: The Secret Service – but it was designed, first and foremost, to meet the real-world needs of the modern gentleman. Don’t expect your new pair of Kingsman shoes to come fitted with a retractable blade hidden inside the toe, then, or your suit to be fitted with a bullet-proof lining. Just expect exceptional clothes, made exceptionally well.

This is the brand’s sixth collection, and the last before the movie’s sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, is released in September. Kingsman will return in the autumn, supported by a brand new wardrobe from MR PORTER. Until then, enjoy the sight of our spy as he charters a seaplane for a trip to the tropics. Armed with nothing but a suitcase or two of immaculate clothes, he offers up a masterclass in smart summer style.

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