Three Ways To Colour Block This Winter

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Three Ways To Colour Block This Winter

Words by The Daily Team

3 October 2017

Three ways to break up an outfit (and keep cosy at the same time).

Because of the rapidly changing weather, we’ve been banging on about coats and fleeces in our What’s New roundups a lot recently. Coats and fleeces. Not the most inspiring thing, we agree. Essential, yes. And very stylish they can be, too. But, well, hardly anything to get that excited about. So, this week, to provide a bit of light in all the practical gloom, we can report that we have some pieces new on site which are a wee bit more fun. Pieces which we can group under the trend of “colour blocking”. Although not a specific, certified MR PORTER trend this season (“pop colour” is perhaps the closest in our lineup), it’s often a theme of men’s clothing, and always an easy way to brighten up your wardrobe and, hopefully, your mood. Here, then, are three different ways to colour block (that’s a verb, right?) this winter.

Black bombers can often make you look like you’re a fluorescent yellow armband away from your next shift at a local nightclub. So we welcome any attempt at breaking things up with something to entertain the eye. John Elliott manages just that with these fun, youthful but relatively subdued patches of colour on its version of the classic jacket. It’s made with hard-wearing shell, too, which should repel a shower or two. Feel free to slip on some black jeans with this without fear of being mistaken for a bouncer.

Now, as winter approaches, you’ll need some warm knitwear. Especially if you’re wearing that shell jacket – which won’t keep you warm enough when the temperature really starts to bite. To stay with the colour block theme, we picked out this sweater made by the Japanese streetwear brand Aloye, who are not just about cool, graphic tees – as is evidenced by this cotton- and yak-blend piece, made with subtle colour blocks of grey, white and black. Trap in some extra heat with a woollen hat, such as this one from Oliver Spencer.

The words “fleece” and “gilet” do not exactly scream excitement, do they? And when those words are attached to a brand that earns its money making outdoor wear, you’d probably expect something even more pedestrian and useful. Now this piece from Patagonia is certainly useful. But it’s also undeniably fun. And must be one of the few colour-block gilets on the market. Slip it under a waterproof on a long walk and you’ll be good to go whether you’re halfway up a hill, or down in the pub.