Three Zippy Garments For Busy People

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Three Zippy Garments For Busy People

Words by Mr Adam Welch

21 June 2016

The jacket, jeans and shirt to save you seconds and ensure dressing is a smooth-sailing affair.

Buttons are lovely, but they have their fair share of problems. Such as the fact that they occasionally fall off. Or the way that they’re really quite difficult to undo with one hand. (We’ll just assume you’re generally using the other one for doing something crucially important on your phone, like reading The Daily). They’re also rather time-consuming – just think, in aggregate you may have spent hours, days, weeks, of your life so far fumbling around with these fiddly things. If such thoughts bother you, or if you’re the kind of relentlessly busy person that spends their working day saying things like “I can give you three minutes before my next meeting”, then perhaps it’s time to make the jump – to zips. They’re undoubtedly quicker, sleeker and make a much better sound when they’re done up. What’s more, more and more brands seem to be offering them up as we head towards the apex of the summer season. Here are just a few of our favourite examples, drawn from the latest new arrivals on MR PORTER.

This lightweight zip-up bomber owes a little bit to the MA-1 flight jacket, with its handy fastened pockets, but also a little to the summer of love – thanks to its heady, oil-slick tie-dye pattern. This is the sort of piece that you’ll be able to throw on and off with reckless abandon all summer long, and then wear under a coat as a versatile layer once winter kicks in. Pair it with some sandy chinos – which pretty much go with anything – and think nothing more of it (we assume you don’t have the time).

Given that a MR PORTER team member – who we shan’t name nor shame – just recently lost their wallet as they rushed into a Florentine taxi (“It must have just fell out when I climbed in”, was the oft-repeated and tear-jerking lament all last week), we’re a little biased when we say the following: aren’t zipped pockets a good idea? In the case of these trousers from decadent Parisian brand Balmain, the details in question not only keep your valuables from going a-wander (and quickly becoming someone else’s valuables), they also aid accessibility with their vertically arranged openings – a boon for a style in such a slim-fitting cut. Wear them as a bona fide band member would, with a pair of black boots from O’Keeffe.

Japanese brand Nonnative – a newcomer to MR PORTER this season – is doing great things with zips throughout its current SS collection, which is inspired by Texas  – a place known for its rugged ranches as much as its pioneering space missions. This shirt brings both inspirations together, resulting in a garment that’s halfway between a rancher shirt and a bomber jacket, and can be worn as an extremely lightweight piece of outerwear in the height of summer. Chuck it on over a white T-shirt, and move on immediately to that pressing matter you’re bound to be dealing with next.