What To Wear For Thanksgiving

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What To Wear For Thanksgiving

Words by Mr Adam Welch

14 November 2016

Get into the holiday spirit with warm-toned autumnal pieces.

Pop culture has given us plenty of examples of things that can go wrong over Thanksgiving. There’s that episode of Friends where Joey ends up staggering around with a turkey on his head (and, worse, a leather waistcoat on his torso). In Cheers, Carla’s home-cooked dinner erupts into a messy food fight. And in Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1987), Mr Steve Martin’s two-hour flight home turns into a three-day trial involving numerous modes of transport, the loss or theft of all his money and credit cards and sharing a motel bed with Mr John Candy. Hopefully, this Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to avoid the sticky fates faced by these fictional characters, and instead take a moment to eat twice your weight in mashed potatoes and consider everything in this often terrifying world that you’re actually grateful for. Whatever happens though, you can kick the whole thing off on the right note by turning up well-dressed. Scroll down for MR PORTER’s key recommendations for the holiday.

In case it isn’t clear from the masses of pumpkin pie, yams, sweet potatoes and cornbread that will be heaped on tables across the US in the coming weeks, Thanksgiving is a festival with a suitably autumnal colour palette. Get into the spirit of the occasion with a golden-brown suede jacket from British brand Oliver Spencer. The complementary sweater, worn underneath, would probably be described as “off-white” at any other time of the year. But since it’s Thanksgiving and everything needs to be a bit harvest-y, let’s call it “oatmeal”.

We hope it’s not all too much like gutter talk if we remind you that you may find yourself ingesting large quantities of food on Thanksgiving, which means that a pair of trousers with an elasticated waistband might come in handy. The good thing about this example of the style, from Acne Studios, is that none of your fellow diners will be any the wiser to your comfort. Rendered in a sleek wool and mohair mix, and with a sharp crease ironed into the front, they are as smart a pair of food-coma-ready lounge pants as you’re likely to find. Wear them with a pair of retro-styled sneakers from Common Projects – a brand that rarely puts a foot wrong.

Accessories are a great way to expand and enrich your outfit’s colour palette, so you can continue the festive vibe with a few more seasonal shades. To complement your jacket, therefore, consider another flash of burnt orange via a crackled leather bracelet from Miansai. This capacious tote from Master-Piece should come in handy lest you need to take home any leftover slices of pie. At least, it’s probably better to do that than trying to guzzle it all down in one sitting. But who are we to fly in the face of tradition?