What To Wear On Race Day

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What To Wear On Race Day

Words by Mr Adam Welch

7 October 2016

Forget cold, rainy London – in Melbourne it’s spring, and the horse-racing Carnival Cup is about to begin. Here’s how to dress for a day at the races.

MR PORTER is based in London, which means that the beginning of November means a few limp fireworks and then a hasty retreat back home to shudder against the dark and chill. We’re well aware, however, that if you live on the other, slightly warmer side of the planet, the same month ushers in the horse-racing Melbourne Cup Carnival, a convivial and, crucially, much more stylish affair than the wooden-spoon-like consolation of Bonfire Night. In tribute to the onset of this event, we’ve put together the following guide to racing style. And if you’re not currently sunning yourself Down Under, be reassured that the day-at-the-races look is one that travels (and the Grand National is only, what, six months away…)

A double-breasted blazer is always a sure sign that you mean business, particularly if acquired from Thom Sweeney, the exceptionally smart tailoring brand launched by Savile Row alumni Messrs Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeney in 2014. This golden-brown shade has a slightly more spring-like feel to it than your standard navy or blue, so is perfect for the races. Wear it with a crisp white shirt from Charvet – the Parisian masters of such things.

Though there might be plenty of action on the track at the spring races (and a little bit of jumping up and down, if you’ve won big), in general, it’s more of a leisurely affair for spectators. Which is why a pair of loafers is a perfect footwear choice. Add to the fact that Gucci has recently updated its iconic horsebit style to give it a more sleek, pointed and dandyish appearance, and this particular choice becomes a bit of a no-brainer. Contrast the browns of these shoes (and the jacket) with some slim-fit trousers from Canali in a dark, almost midnight-blue navy.

A nice way to enrich a statement colour in your tailoring is to go on further explorations within the same spectrum with your accessories. For these purposes we would recommend these light brown (and pleasingly semi-opaque) sunglasses from Italy’s L.G.R. Any watch with a brown strap would do too, but with its navy blue face, this Junghans timepiece will also achieve the sly effect of picking out the main secondary colour in your trousers. It’s all like a beautiful sartorial jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy putting it together.