What To Wear To Bed

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What To Wear To Bed

Words by Ms Charlie Robertson

18 November 2016

The pyjamas and accessories you need to get a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep.

We spend a lot of time worrying about what we wear – to a restaurant, on a plane, to weddings and so on, and so on, so why is it that we seem so intent on neglecting our sleepwear – especially considering the fact that, ultimately, we spend one third of our lives wearing it? In fact, sleeping is one of the most crucial activities, and the better we feel while doing it, the better we feel when we wake up. Which means that, if you’re still retiring each night in a mouldy old band T-shirt, it’s time to think again. Scroll down to find the sleepwear that suits your personality best.

If you find yourself in line with the traditionalists of the sartorial world, nothing less than a full shirt-and-trousers set of pyjamas will do when it comes to lights out. It may be that the more flighty trendsetters out there are wearing such pieces in the daytime, but this example from London-based shirtmaker Emma Willis is definitively made for bed – the premium quality brushed cotton has a beautifully soft feel next to the skin, and the gentle colour palette is guaranteed not to give you nightmares. For the morning after (when we imagine you like to read the papers with a nice cup of coffee) we recommend investing in a cotton terry robe from Derek Rose – a particularly good option for colder days, when it’s somewhat harder to drag yourself out from underneath the duvet.

Rest for you constitutes a few hours of sleep in between long office hours and rigorous gym sessions – you’re constantly on the go. Sound familiar? If efficiency (and ease) is your thing, then this option is for you. Every man deserves better than sleeping in the same top and boxers they’ve been wearing all day, so we suggest indulging in Hanro’s extrodinarily soft Egyption cotton T-shirt and pairing it with Sunspel’s light and comfortable boxer shorts.

The bedroom is a sacred place that should provide rest and respite from the outside world – so why not make the whole process of going to sleep a little bit more of a treat? Listening to some relaxing music on B&O Play’s sleek wireless headphones is the perfect way to escape, and gradually switch off before you… switch off. And if you want to arise from your pit utterly glowing, rather than resolutely ashen-faced, a night cream is not just a pleasant pre-shut-eye ritual but also essential. For these purposes we recommend Dr Jackson’s 02 Night Skin Cream – a rich concoction of baobab and mango seed extracts that will help your skin repair and rehydrate while you sleep.