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How To Find The Perfect Gift

Discover just the thing for yourself (or someone else) in our handy holiday guide

Welcome to the MR PORTER Christmas gift guide. To make the festive period infinitely more palatable, our team of buyers and editors has compiled the perfect selection of pieces. Our suggestions are arranged into several categories, with each one representing the tastes and style of the different kinds of man. So whether you’re buying for “Mr Classic”, “Mr Active” or “Mr Laid-Back”, you’re sure to find something that will suit.


This man is a fan of all things modernist and minimal. He knows his Le Corbusier from his Pierre Jeanneret, believes that form follows function and has a deep mistrust of anything that could be described as “decorative” or “ornamental”. We know what you’re thinking: “What on earth am I going to buy for this guy?” But don’t panic. This expert selection of sleek shoes, minimalist watches and neat, tastefully appointed accessories is sure to do the trick.


Mr Utility may live in the city and work a nine-to-five desk job, but that doesn’t stop him dreaming of owning a log cabin out by a lake. He has been known to whittle his own kitchen utensils out of driftwood and, at some point in the past three years, has probably grown a beard. Do you know someone who fits this description? If so, indulge his fantasies with our selection of flannel shirts, down gilets and sturdy work boots.


Newfangled gadgets, the latest trinkets and transient fashions are not for this man. For he is a traditionalist, preferring those prototypical pieces that have stood the test of time. Mr Classic puts his faith in what has gone before. Things such as exquisite French silk ties from Charvet, handmade umbrellas from Italy’s Francesco Maglia, and traditional, heady fragrances sourced from historic men’s perfumer, Floris, which dates all the way back to 1730.


Brand-aware, fashion-forward and notoriously difficult to buy for, Mr Insider knows what he likes. Luckily, though, so do we, and we’ve used this knowledge to create a foolproof edit of some of current menswear’s greatest hits. Buy him this varsity cardigan from Givenchy, one of the biggest and most influential names in contemporary fashion, and you’ll be sure to please him. Throw in an accessory from Saint Laurent, or a pair of sleek, white sneakers from New York-based brand Common Projects, and he’ll be forever grateful.


This one’s for the marathoners, the CrossFitters, the ceaselessly active, Lycra-clad fitness junkies. If the first thing he does on Christmas morning is get up and go for a 5k run, then something from our dedicated sports department, MR PORTER Sport, is sure to charm him. Sleek sneakers that put style and performance on equal footing, sports watches from Suunto, recovery foam rollers from TriggerPoint and sunglasses from Oakley are all among the selection.


Don’t call Mr Laid-back unmotivated. He’s highly motivated – to do as little as possible. For this professional lazybones, this really is the most wonderful time of the year; a few days when lounging around in the house isn’t just accepted, but positively encouraged. Make his holiday season even sweeter with an indulgent gift from our loungewear selection, which includes pyjamas from Sleepy Jones, slippers from Savile Row’s very own Derek Rose and, of course, the greatest stocking filler of all: cashmere socks.


We consulted the experts at our sister site NET-A-PORTER, who provided us with a few can’t-go-wrong gifts for the women in your life. In this classic, guaranteed no-tears selection, expect Christian Louboutin pumps, Saint Laurent handbags and a range of perfect stocking fillers: jewellery, scented candles and exotic fragrances from some of the world’s most exclusive perfumers. They’re gifts that are sure to delight – and if you’re in need of any further inspiration, there’s plenty to be found at NET-A-PORTER.COM/giftshop.