Grooming Tips For When It’s Really, Really, Really Cold

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Grooming Tips For When It’s Really, Really, Really Cold

Words by Ms Molly Isabella Smith

15 January 2021

Winter’s harsh conditions can play havoc with your complexion. So, when you’re spending time out of doors, a proper skincare regimen isn’t just advisable, it’s vital. Your North Face puffer jacket is all well and good, but it counts for nought if you emerge on the other side of your daily constitutional chapped, cracked and red all over. To protect against the elements, make sure to stock up on these five winter grooming essentials. 


Repeat after us: SPF, SPF, SPF

The importance of wearing sun protection when the skies are grey isn’t obvious to some, but don’t let the cold fool you. The sun is stronger than it seems and, in snowy weather, the blanket of powder on the ground acts as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s rays back up at you from below. Have you ever experienced sunburn on the underside of your nose? Try to avoid it. We recommend slathering on a broad-spectrum cream, such as Triumph & Disaster’s No Dice factor 50 formulation, every couple of hours to protect your face.


Load up with heavy-duty moisturiser

A few hours exposed to the cold, dry air will have your skin crying out for some moisture. Step forward, Dr. Barbara Sturm Ski Cream, designed to be worn before and after antics on the slopes, and therefore more than capable of tackling icy conditions closer to home. Specially formulated for colder conditions, it acts as a barrier against wind and harsh weather. It’s also enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and purslane to soothe dry patches and banish that tell-tale rosiness that appears after a brisk outing.


Lock in moisture with a lip balm

Your lips are among the most sensitive parts of your body and, once you’ve donned your hat and scarf (earmuffs are, of course, optional), they’re also the part of your face most exposed while out and about. Reduce the chances of chapping by liberally applying a lip balm throughout the day. Super-luxe grooming brand Augustinus Bader’s definitive The Lip Balm contains nourishing aloe vera and vitamin E to aid moisture retention, as well as the brand’s signature TFC8 complex, a proprietary formula designed to offer protection against pollution and environmental stressors.


Soothe frosty fingers with a rich hand cream

Even gloved, your hands have much to contend with when temperatures dip. And you’ll likely be taking your mittens off every now and then to use your phone or perhaps enjoy a steaming cup of takeaway coffee, exposing them to extremes of temperature, wind and (if you’re lucky) snow. The liberal use of a hydrating hand cream, such as Sisley’s Restorative concoction, a blend of chestnut extract and shea oil, will keep your digits silky soft with regular application.


Warm up with a self-heating foot cream

Take a leaf out of skiing’s après tradition – first and foremost a celebration of cosiness – when you return from a long winter walk. It brings to mind fireside gatherings, chunky sweaters and thick blankets, all enjoyed with a mug of something hot and sweet to sip. But first things first. Prepare yourself for all that delicious snugness with Susanne Kaufmann Warming Foot Cream. The self-heating lotion will ensure your toes are toasty in no time and it contains a host of antiseptic herbal ingredients, such as menthol, thyme and camphor, to soothe any rubbed or raw-feeling areas.

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