The Advent Calendar That’s Better For Your Skin Than Chocolate

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The Advent Calendar That’s Better For Your Skin Than Chocolate

Words by Mr Jim Merrett

12 November 2018

Introducing The 12 Days Of Grooming, our exclusive gift set full of the very best bathroom products.

Obviously, we wouldn’t begrudge anyone who gifted us three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. But, truth be told, there’s only so much use to be had from four calling birds, seven swans a-swimming or 10 lords a-leaping – no matter how entertaining their leaping is at first, it would soon grow tiresome. And, come the finale of Twelvetide, with its grand crescendo of drummers drumming, even the ladies dancing, maids a-milking and certainly the pipers piping will have started to grate. Good luck getting a gift card in exchange for that lot without the receipt.

Of far more practical application this Yuletide is this exclusive gift set, “The 12 Days Of Grooming”, a selection of products especially collated with the impending party season, not to mention the bracing weather conditions that the dark heart of winter brings, in mind. As the name suggests, this kit includes a dozen bathroom essentials designed to target the aftereffects of too much merriment, too little sleep and the constant trudge between the cosy, cockle-warming, centrally-heated indoors and the brutal lick of the cold outside.

For this elite squad of festive freedom fighters, we have enlisted skincare heavyweights such as Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Face Scrub, an exfoliator employing vitamin A and horse chestnut serum to reduce redness and rejuvenate your countenance, 111Skin’s Sub-Zero Eye Mask to combat puffiness and Lab Series’ Age Rescue+ Face Lotion to minimize signs of tiredness (and five gold rings can’t do that, no matter how loudly you sing it).

Also lined up and ready for action: Patricks’ SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo and CD2 Moisturizing Conditioner, Le Labo’s nourishing Hinoki Body Cream and Shower Gel, and Dr. Dennis GrossHyaluronic Marine Dew It All Eye Gel, a dark circle specialist so gung-ho, it even has “marine” in its name. That hangover doesn’t stand a chance.

Amassed in one presentation box, this is an opportunity for the recipient (or, if you like, you) to sample some of the grooming products we consider the best on the market – we’ve tried a fair few – and for a lot less than it would cost to buy each individually. What’s more, it prevents your Christmas present wrangling from becoming a wild-goose chase, as in you get 12 great gifts in one, and without having to round up six pesky geese to lay eggs.

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