Your Summer Bathroom Essentials

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Your Summer Bathroom Essentials

Photography by Mr Luke Kirwan | Styling by Ms Zena May Hendrick

17 May 2017

Give your washbag a refresh – this is the grooming gear you need this season.

In the same way that our wardrobe gets a little lighter and breezier as the weather gets warmer, the arrival of summer comes with an opportunity to reinvigorate your grooming regime from shaving foam to shower gel, skincare to scent. But with so many products available in the MR PORTER grooming department, choosing the right one can be can a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve made it simple by co-opting omakase, a concept popular in Japanese restaurants where the chef decides the menu for you based on what’s fresh (and his own whims).


Soaring temperatures, humidity and sweat can play havoc with your hair, so when the warmer weather rolls around, it’s worth upgrading your haircare regime. Nourishing leave-in conditioners and non-greasy pomades will keep your hair in place without weighing it down, so you can enjoy every barbecue, alfresco lunch and poolside slumber without a (hair) care in the world.


Most of us tend to think of sunblock as a seasonal product to be applied on the beach while installed on a lounger, but UV exposure is a risk all year round. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. From SPFs to after sun, here are five products that will help you avoid the burn as the summer hots up.


Freshen up your fragrance by switching out those heavier, headier, cold-weather scents for something clean, zesty and – dare we say it – sweet. Swap the musky ouds, leathers and sandalwoods for fresher notes of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin flower. Above are five of our favourite scents to see you through to autumn.


The value of the traditional wet shave has been somewhat forgotten, but what goes around comes around, and we’re anticipating the renaissance of Don Draper-style smoothness this summer. From razors to aftershaves, these old-school tools will give you a modern look – without peeling your face off.


The weather, alcohol and the daily grind of city life can all take their toll on your skin, so it’s important to protect it. Before you buy anything, you ought to determine your skin type. Whether you want to tackle shine, dry skin or reduce redness, MR PORTER has something to suit your every skincare need.

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