A Fail-Safe Dinner Party Playlist

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A Fail-Safe Dinner Party Playlist

Words by Mr Tom M Ford

15 July 2016

Photograph by Ms Helen Cathcart. Courtesy of The Palomar

Getting the music just right at a dinner party can be a tricky thing. Absent-mindedly hit “play” on your favourite Spotify playlist and you risk an A$AP Rocky club banger coming on – which, while perfect for perking you up on your morning commute, does little to complement your dainty salmon starter. Much like achieving the perfect beef bourguignon or fluffy basmati rice, a track list that pleases dinner guests requires careful thought and timing. And it needs to simmer in the background rather than boil.

Instead of attempting to guess the right ingredients ourselves, we thought we would turn to a professional to soundtrack our next social supper. We have noticed an increasingly popular trend of big-name DJs swapping their decks for dishes to open restaurants instead of club nights. So, over in The Journal this week, we interviewed some of them. One such DJ-turned-restaurateur is Mr Layo Paskin, who toured the world with Layo & Bushwacka! and, more recently, opened London restaurant The Palomar in 2014. Here, he picks out a perfect dinner party playlist for us – which you can listen to and download, below.