Episode 02: Father’s Day

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Episode 02: Father’s Day

1 June 2016

Raise a glass of Johnnie Walker<sup>®</sup> Blue Label<sup>&trade;</sup> with Messrs Larry and George Lamb and honour the man who made you.

“I’m not sure that all men have the relationship with their sons that I have,” explains actor Mr Larry Lamb about his TV presenter son Mr George Lamb. One only has to be in their company for a few minutes to realise that the Lambs have a dynamic not typical of all fathers and sons. “We switch back and forward most of the time in terms of who’s dad,” says Mr Larry Lamb, “but George spends much more time being dad than I do.”

MR PORTER caught up with the duo to find out what it is that makes their relationship so special. What’s quickly apparent is that there’s no hierarchy between them, just honesty and an enviable playfulness. “Dad worked a lot when I was little, so I’d get sent off to meet him and hang around on set,” explains Mr George Lamb. “I just remember endless sword fights in hotel rooms and being able to stay up later than you probably should.”

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, though. Fatherhood doesn’t come with a set of instructions and if it did, the small print would be exhaustive. The truth is, a man’s relationship with his son is forever a work in progress. “It’s a big thing to be the father of a boy,” says Mr Larry Lamb. “If you’ve not had a very good role model yourself, somehow or other you’ve got to put the puzzle together before you even realise it’s a puzzle.”

We switch back and forward most of the timein terms of who’s dad

Raise a glass and celebrate with your father on 19 June this year. Sincere gratitude is not always easy to communicate through a gift, but handing your father a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is different. It is an opportunity for both father and son to come together and savour the complex flavours while musing on past memories and planning future ones. It’s a chance to raise a glass and heartily laugh at all the tales and experiences you have shared: the scrapes, the arguments, the hilarious anecdotes all coming together in a moment of shared gratitude and exquisite taste. We’ll toast that.