Fathers And Sons: Episode 02

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Fathers And Sons: Episode 02

29 June 2016

Working together can test any father-son relationship. In our second podcast in the series, we find out if the Wrights can cut it in their scissor factory .

Episode 02: “The factory”

The cut and thrust of business can sometimes be rough – just ask Messrs Philip and Nick Wright, whose disagreements over the future of their family scissor-making business in Sheffield resulted in a more competitive company, but left their father-son relationship in shreds.

In the second episode of Fathers And Sons, we follow the efforts of Mr Nick Wright to modernise Ernest Wright & Son, established in 1902, “when the world came to Sheffield for scissors”. As the fifth generation to lead the family business, Mr Nick Wright faces a daunting task; bringing the firm into the 21st century, while retaining tradition in training up a new generation of “master scissor putter-togetherers” to craft its handmade products – and, not least, trying to keep his sceptical father, Mr Philip Wright, onside.

Series Synopsis

Produced by MR PORTER and Radio Wolfgang, this documentary series explores contemporary masculinity, through the eyes of fathers and their sons. From funny and inspiring to thought-provoking and poignant stories, we celebrate the multifaceted nature of fatherhood, focusing on the highs and lows of birth, death, love, money, health and inheritance.

Radio Wolfgang is an independent online and app-based radio station co-founded by Messrs George Lamb and Colm Roche. Its most popular series include Science(ish), Beginning And Middle and The Lives Of Others.

Illustration by Crispin Finn

Podcast by MR PORTER and Radio Wolfgang