Furniture Designs We Have Our Eye On

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Furniture Designs We Have Our Eye On

Words by Ms Emma O’Kelly

26 November 2015

The Bayleaf daybed by Mr Sebastian Cox incorporates chestnut and sycamore

Bistro table

The Galvin Brothers’ Bistro table is made using age-old carpentry techniques, but finished in a modern way

Maker’s Trestle table

Ms Lola Lely’s table is an upgraded version of the typical trestle. Photograph The New Craftsmen

Gio credenza

The Gio credenza by Mr Achille Salvagni was inspired by the architect Mr Gio Ponti. Photographs by Mr James McDonald

Bayleaf daybed

The Bayleaf daybed is made in the medieval fashion with timber from Mr Cox’s very own three-acre wood

Kintla chair

The Kintla chair by Mr Ty Best begins life as a carved wooden frame that is then cast in bronze. Photographs by Mr Bill Batten

Bronze bureau

The Bronze bureau by Mr Tyler Hays takes 10 weeks to produce. Photograph BDDW

Ease chair

The elegant Ease chair by Mr Gareth Neal was the result of a chair-making competition

NIM coffee table

The NIM coffee table by Mr Russell Pinch uses Jesmonite, a plastic and concrete resin. Photographs by Mr James Merrell