33 Ways To Be A Better Friend

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33 Ways To Be A Better Friend

6 October 2020

Illustrations by Mr Michael Kirkham

01. Be relentless

02. Be a good listener

03. Reach out now

04. Don’t judge

05. Be available

06. Be mindful

“A great friend shares in the happy times and rejoices in your success. An even better friend reaches out and provides an opportunity to talk when you’re going through tough times”

07. Know what to say

08. Be a smart “Alec”

09. Be present

10. Have an honest conversation

11. Be understanding

12. Take it seriously

13. Be vigilant

14. Put the phone down

15. Understand the dangers

16. Praise success

17. Pick up the phone

18. Don’t be scared

19. Be sensitive

20. Be resourceful

“To me, being a better friend is about creating opportunities to maintain connections, and tightening the space between checking in with those we care about”

21. Be interested

22. Be aware

23. Understand the causes

24. Go beyond the “like”

25. Get serious

26. Watch the drink

27. Have self-awareness

28. Understand the value

29. Discuss your problems

30. Maintain connections

31. Get active

32. Tell them they’re great!

33. Put them in your calendar

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