How To Build Strength

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How To Build Strength

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

27 April 2015

At the end of that cinematic masterpiece Trading Places, Mr Dan Aykroyd’s character, Louis Winthorpe III, turns to Mr Eddie Murphy’s, Billy Ray Valentine, and says, “Looking good, Billy Ray!” To wit, Billy Ray responds, “Feeling good, Louis!” That’s how we view the relationship between style and fitness. Feeling good and looking good go together like a great comedy team.

We all want to look good in the clothes we wear. And if you’re a man who takes care of his physique then you’ll likely have an interest in how you can best dress it. This rationale is the foundation of our new Fit For Fit series of films.

Over the next few months, MR PORTER is teaming up with the health and fitness experts at  (the luxury gym’s online magazine) to produce a set of short, targeted, achievable work-outs that any man can do. Each work-out is designed to stand on its own, but as a series they will cover the fundamental principles for building a body that looks – and is – truly fit.

This first work-out focuses on core strength to give you a strong platform to build on. Each exercise engages balance and coordination and uses several muscle groups at once, which burns fat efficiently while increasing strength. It has been put together by Mr Ramel Murphy, one of ’s top trainers in New York. A Brown graduate, Mr Murphy has reached the highest level of training qualifications (Tier 4). He’s also a former competitive wrestler and practitioner of the rhythmic Brazilian martial art capoeira.

In this film Mr Murphy takes us through a total-body work-out – one you can take into the gym with you to follow on your phone or tablet. It doesn’t require much in the way of equipment – just a dumbbell, a kettlebell, an exercise mat, a glider (so that your foot can slide across the floor) and some willpower.

Film by Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti