How To Cook The Perfect Steak

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How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Words by Mr Tom M Ford

22 October 2014

We have shown you how to perfect everything from a cup of coffee to your six-pack – and in our fifth How To film, we’re tackling yet another cornerstone of manliess – the steak. Despite being an expense account favourite on a big night out, it’s easy to get wrong at home. Fine cooking margins separate an exquisitely charred yet tender piece of meat, and a grey, dry husk. To show us how to cook it just right, we’ve enlisted the help of an expert. Mr Olly Bird is executive chef at Goodman restaurants in London. Specialising in US and UK steak, the US cows are Angus, fed on a high corn diet. The meat is wet-aged (aged in a vacuum-sealed bag to retain moisture) for a textured, sweeter taste. Their UK meat is sourced from small passionate suppliers around the country.

“You need a good marbled piece of beef from a purebred cow, or a crossbreed. Make sure it isn’t from a continental animal, as they are reared for bulk, not quality. Your meat should have been aged for 21 to 28 days,” says Mr Bird. 

Press play, above, to follow Mr Bird’s step-by-step guide, or if you just need some red meat very, very badly, check out his favourite steak restaurants below.


11 Langley Street, London

The Beaumont 

8 Balderton Street, London

Peter Luger

178 Broadway, New York


45 Park Lane, London


24-26 Maddox Street, London

Film by Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti