Men Of Note: Mr Giorgio Moroder

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Men Of Note: Mr Giorgio Moroder

29 October 2015

Composer, producer and musician Mr Giorgio Moroder eats breakfast at home in April 1979 in Los Angeles, California, 1979. Photograph by Michael Montfort/ Getty Images

“The guitar that \[producer\] Nile Rodgers played so well on this track was the basis of the whole r’n’b era of disco. Nile is still great at keeping this sound up to date, and always focuses on the new. He’s a legend.”

“One of the very first disco songs, it has a subtle melody, but it made a big impact. Kind of a Philadelphia sound, but still innovative. Sylvester Levay, who wrote it, was a friend of mine.”

“This is probably the disco track I love the most. The lyrics are great, she sings well and the arrangement is nice. It’s a little bit r’n’b, but it’s a top song.”

“This is not a typical disco track, but it’s done so well. The guitar strings and the background melody have been sampled and covered like nothing else.”

“This was my first big song. It feels a little slow now – 110 BPM, I guess. It worked well, though.”

“I like the simple, incredible novelty of this one. It’s so corny, but sounds great with her voice and the funny lyrics.”

“I still listen to this now. It’s a very beautiful, r’n’b-influenced song. I worked with Diana at one point – what a great lady.”

“This one’s a little slower. The track is accompanied with an incredibly beautiful video. It’s exceptionally shot.”

“This is a very happy song about love in your family. It became a big hit at sports events when it was released. And, not many people know this, but Nile Rodgers wrote it.”

“I love this song because it’s just so happy. Earth, Wind & Fire are great performers and always put on a great show with this track. They’re really nice guys, too.”

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