Mr Massimo Vitali

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Mr Massimo Vitali

Words by Mr Adam Welch | Photography by Mr Paul Barbera

1 July 2015

Mr Vitali sorts through prints in his studio, a former forge tucked behind Lucca’s San Giorgio prison

An iron staircase creates living and sleeping spaces in Mr Vitali’s home, a deconsecrated church

Mr Vitali at home

A 1990s photographic studio – still owned by the church of Lucca – in Mr Vitali’s back garden; hard at work in his studio

Mr Vitali cycles between his house and his studio; the streets of Lucca

The garden at Mr Vitali’s home; a kitchen conservatory adjoining the sacristy

The artist prepares artichokes at his kitchen island, which stands in front of his bedroom

Mr Vitali’s Works

“Sacred Pool Russians”, 2008

“Cefalù Orange, Yellow, Blue”, 2008

“Porto Miggiano Horizontal”, 2011

“Sarakiniko”, 2011

“Spargi Cala Corsara”, 2013

“Cala Maiolu Coda”, 2014

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