Six Steps To A Six-Pack

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Six Steps To A Six-Pack

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

22 June 2016

London personal trainer Mr Lee Mullins reveals how to define your abs with an exclusive video guide.

We live in selfie-obsessed times and getting a six-pack is considered the ultimate physical #goal for many men. Thanks to improved diets and training regimens, it is more achievable now than it used to be. But the obsession shouldn’t become an unhealthy one.

To explain how best to get a six-pack, we turn to Mr Lee Mullins, top personal trainer and founder of London’s prestigious Workshop Gymnasium. If you think the secret to a flat stomach lies in endless crunches and retch-inducing protein shakes, think again.

Thankfully Mr Mullins’ approach is more holistic than mechanical, and the advice he offers covers the mind, digestive system and soul – as well as the abdominal muscles. His attitude towards fitness emphasises a positive outlook, both because it greatly increases the chance of a man sticking to his exercise regimen, and because it is in itself good for the body. Mr Mullins is one of those rare trainers who, when he says, “grin and bear it”, really means it.

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Film by Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti

Voice-over by Mr Rupert Evans