Spinning Plates

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Spinning Plates

Words by Mr Ben Olsen

13 July 2016

Enjoy a plate of Clásico ceviche with an ice-cold Chicha Morada at Ceviche. Photograph courtesy of Ceviche

Mr Martin Morales, Ceviche and Andina

Photograph courtesy of Ceviche

Pato Estilo el Cántaro (Naranjilla and panca chilli braised duck leg, Peruvian purple potatoes, sweet potato puree, red vine sorrel). Photograph courtesy of Ceviche

Seth Troxler, Smokey Tails

Photograph by Mr Mark Whitfield. Mr Seth Troxler (above), photograph by Mr Will Calcutt

Smoked lamb ribs with asparagus and anchovy butter. Photograph by Mr Whitfield

Mr Layo Paskin, The Palomar

Yemeni pot-baked Kubaneh bread with tahini and velvet tomatoes. Photograph by Ms Helen Cathcart

Photograph by Ms Helen Cathcart