The Great Gin Revival

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The Great Gin Revival

Words by Ms Hannah Nathanson | Photography by Mr Tom Cockram | Styling by Mr Scott Stephenson

4 May 2016

Sipsmith founders Messrs Fairfax Hall and Sam Galsworthy and master distiller Mr Jared Brown in their distillery, Chiswick, London

Messrs Fairfax Hall, Sam Galsworthy and Jared Brown of Sipsmith

Sipsmith’s founders and its master distiller helped kickstart the "ginaissance" by lobbying to allow gin to be made in smaller stills

Sipsmith produces four varieties of gin: London Dry Gin, V.J.O.P,Sloe Gin and London Cup

Messrs Olivier and Emile Ward of Gin Foundry

Messrs Olivier and Emile Ward distil bespoke gins using botanicals such as raspberry leaf and white willow bark

Mr Alexander Wolpert of the East London Liquor Company

East London Liquor Company’s handcrafted spirits

Mr Alexander Wolpert’s hand-built stills as seen from his on-site bar

Mr Mark Holdsworth of Half Hitch Gin

Mr Mark Holdsworth’s Half Hitch Gin is regularly served in both Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace

Mr Will Borrell of Highwayman Gin

Ladies and Gentlemen is housed in a former Victorian lavatory in Kentish Town