The Guv’nor Of Gastro Pubs

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The Guv’nor Of Gastro Pubs

Words by Mr Darrell Hartman | Photography by Peden+Munk

12 March 2015

Mr Winser mans the kitchen at his new Manhattan private-dining space, 58 Gansevoort

For Mr Winser, quality of ingredients takes precedence over tradition or technique

The entrance to 58 Gansevoort is discreet. Mr Winser’s new space was inspired partly by the concept of the garçonnière

Mr Winser’s approach to design is to work with what’s readily available. “I enjoy stripping places back to the raw elements,” he says

“It’s never been about serving a particular genre of food. It’s been about where the meat and the produce come from,” Mr Winser says

The second-floor anteroom at 58 Gansevoort. Mr Winser’s aim, he says, was to create “the ultimate small-entertaining space”

Mr Winser’s super Caesar salad

Mr Winser prepares the kale salad that has become a menu staple at The Fat Radish



“The one thing I would like people to take away from our book is to realise: "Oh, I can give it a go,” says Mr Winser