The Return Of Seventies Furniture

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The Return Of Seventies Furniture

Words by Ms Emma O’Kelly

6 April 2016

Interior home decoration by Mr Willy Rizzo. Photograph © WillyRizzo

The 1970s were a boom time in Italy, a decade of mass production and innovation that signalled the end of the post-war rebuilding programme

Ms Gabriella Crespi

Ms Gabriella Crespi's Ellissi Collection, 1976. Photograph courtesy Archivio Gabriella Crespi. Ms Crespi’s Cubo Magico coffee tables, circa 1976, on display at Gabriel & Guillaume’s pop-up at the Christofle headquarters. Photograph by Mr Alexis Cherigny

Mr Willy Rizzo

Mr Willy Rizzo’s Piazza di Spagna outdoor line; the TRG revolving table. Photographs © WillyRizzo

Ms Nanda Vigo

An example of Ms Nanda Vigo’s Due Più chair. Photograph courtesy of Mr Nicholas Kilner. The fur-lined interior of Casa Lo Scarabeo Sotto La Foglia (“The Beetle Under The Leaves”), Ms Vigo’s collaboration with Mr Giò Ponti, 1965-68. Photograph by Casali-Domus

Mr Romeo Rega

Brass and glass étagère room divider, by Mr Romeo Rega. Photograph courtesy of Brass coffee tabel by Mr Rega. Photograph courtesy of Mr Jean-Marc Fray Antiques

Mr Luciano Frigerio

Mr Luciano Frigerio interior. Photograph courtesy of Frigerio di Desio. Side cabinet by Mr Frigerio. Photograph courtesy of