Three Backpacks That Are Perfect For The Commute

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Three Backpacks That Are Perfect For The Commute

Words by Mr Tom M Ford

11 May 2016

Modern, must-have accessories for commuters by Coach, Oliver Spencer and Brooks England that come with bags of practical style.

The backpack is certainly not a new phenomenon. Used by students and hikers over the last century, the idea of wearing one for reasons not primarily practical was popularised by the fashion set about five years ago. The backpack as must-have accessory trickled down to the high street, and everyone from hipsters to businessmen have lived happily hands-free ever after.

We are as much a fan of strapping stuff to our backs as the next man, but, now ubiquitous, backpacks have become a bit of an obstacle in everyday life. Especially on the daily commute. We encounter backpacks that have clearly never been washed since their six-month trip around South America six years ago. Backpacks so big you’d think the men in suits attached to them were planning to camp in their office. And backpacks so bright and threadbare they’re crying out to be returned to whichever schoolboy the owner apparently stole it from.

We say: praise the backpack. And long may it live. But to ensure its survival, we must respect them, and each other, and wear appropriate backpacks. Here, we pick out three we’d like to don (and rub shoulders with) on our morning commute.

If you’re looking to swap your canvas rucksack for something with a little bit more sophistication – this handsome colour-block one by luxury leather experts Coach may be the answer. As well as being striking in appearance, it has enough room to keep anything you’d need for work – whether it be a spare change of clothes and shoes, or a laptop. Ensure you don’t fill it, mind. Supple though that leather is, no one will appreciate it grazing their face on an 8am train journey.

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll know Brooks England well: the trustworthy British brand that make quality saddles that mould to your shape, and bags that’ll last you a lifetime. If you’re not an expert, well, we imagine you’ll appreciate this canvas carrier anyway. It’s waterproof, it has a leather trim, it’s suitably sized for your commute – whether that involves two wheels or more – and it’s super stylish in blue to boot.

To our eye, this backpack by contemporary London label Oliver Spencer is simultaneously fashion-y, and a bit business-like, too. Its sleek, all-black design would please any style-oriented man, while those practical handles speak to a more straight-forward type who might like to carry his rucksack in situations that require a bit more maturity (or when being sympathetic to other commuters). What’s more, it has neat pockets on the inside and out, so there is plenty of space to store all those bits and bobs that often rattle around if allowed to roam free.