What We’ll Be Eating And Drinking In 2020

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What We’ll Be Eating And Drinking In 2020

Words by Ms Chloe Scott-Moncrieff

17 January 2020

Rainbow carrots, goat’s cheese and walnut salad at The Little Chartroom, Edinburgh. Photograph courtesy of The Little Chartroom


Gill-to-fin dining

Grilled dried mackerel, preserved gooseberry and lovage at Lyle’s, London. Photograph by Mr Anton Rodriguez, courtesy of Lyle’s


It’s getting Scot in here

Left: Produce at Bowhouse Fife Market, Scotland. Right: Bowhouse Fife Market, Scotland. Photographs by Cause and Effect, courtesy of Bowhouse


The chefs to know

Left: Ms Fezile Ozalgan. Photograph by Ms Patricia Niven, courtesy of Barboun. Right: Mr Santiago Lastra. Photograph by Mr Hayden Perrior, courtesy of KOL


Haute bar snacks

Left: Chicken oyster bocadillo at Sabor, London. Right: the entrance of Sabor, London. Photographs by Mr Chris Terry, courtesy of Sabor


Veganism grows up

From left: dark, mylk and white chocolate by Dapaah Chocolates. Photographs courtesy of Dapaah Chocolates


Franciacorta is the new Prosecco

From left: Barone Pizzini, Franciacorta. Photograph courtesy of Barone Pizzini. Casa Delle Colonne, Franciacorta. Photograph courtesy of Casa Delle Colonne. Monte Rossa, Franciacorta. Photograph courtesy of Monte Rossa


Filipino food is here

BBQ pork skewers at Sarap Brixton Village, London. Photograph by Lateef Photography, courtesy of Sarap