Why You Should Try… Boxing

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Why You Should Try… Boxing

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood

31 December 2015

In the first of a new video series focusing on different fitness regimes, we go glove-to-glove with London trainer Mr Leon Kew.

“There are always new fads and crazes in the world of health and fitness, but boxing is one of the oldest ways to get incredibly fit – and still definitely one of the best,” says Mr Leon Kew. He should know: undefeated in his handful of amateur boxing bouts, Mr Kew, 30, now trains people for White Collar Boxing fights in London.

“It’s an unbeatable overall workout – perfect for stripping away fat at the same time as building strength and stamina,” says Mr Kew. “Plus it’s much more than that: it also helps to build confidence, courage and self-discipline.”

This is partly why, unlike so many other get-fit-quick health-kicks, people tend to go the distance with boxing rather than throw in the towel after a few weeks. “It’s a skill that you develop and improve and see noticeable results which keep you motivated. It’s not just aimless exercise.”

Boxing, which is often romanticised as the “the noble art”, has captured the imagination of literary heavyweights down the years including Messrs Ernest Hemingway, George Bernard Shaw and TS Eliot. It has also inspired a slew of excellent Hollywood movies, from Rocky to Raging Bull to more recently Southpaw and now Creed, which is generating Oscar buzz for Mr Sylvester Stallone. “Each time a new boxing film comes out, we see a surge in interest,” says Mr Kew.

Although MR PORTER’s boxing film is unlikely to trouble the Academy this awards season, we hope it will inspire you to ring in the New Year feeling fighting fit.

You can train with Mr Kew at London's Workshop Gymnasium

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