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Eight Relaxed Items For A Wardrobe Refresh

The latest drop from Mr P. has all the warm and fuzzy feelings you should expect, no, demand, from your wardrobe this season

Much as we at MR PORTER enjoy the summer holidays and the attendant style – aloha shirts, tortoiseshell sunglasses, espadrilles, you know the kind of thing – there is something to be said for the feeling of easing into one’s autumn wardrobe. What is that feeling? A warm hug, if you’ve got the right items in your wardrobe. And if you haven’t, well, you could do worse than look to the latest delivery from our own label, Mr P. Inspired in part by the relaxed style of the artistic types who flocked to the Left Bank in Paris in the 1970s, this September’s drop is a collection of timeless casual pieces crafted from exceptionally tactile fabrics and fibres, and full of neat construction tweaks to make them not just effortlessly stylish, but utterly hassle-free. It’s the sort of clothing that makes you actually welcome the chill. Scroll down for the key pieces to look out for.

The Triple-Yarn Sweater

Yes, we like flat colours. They are plain and simple. But do you feel “plain” and “simple” this autumn, or are you looking for something with a little more depth? If it’s the latter, we’d like to draw your attention to the above sweater, offered in an exclusive, oceanic colourway, which has been created in Italy especially for Mr P. by twisting together three different colours of yarn before knitting. The chunky rib trims at the waist, neck and wrists will ensure it hangs like an old favourite straight out of the box.

The Belted Coat

You might think of this coat as the perfect conduit between your indoor and outdoor existences. It comes in a thick, warm and weighty wool-mix fabric, yet its roomy raglan shoulders make it feel more like a dressing gown, and the mix element we’re talking about here is alpaca, a rare fibre that is supremely soft and appealingly shaggy. Sling it on for your Sunday morning trip to the delicatessen, or dress it up, as we’ve done here, with a pair of lug-soled Chelsea boots – also brand new this September.


It’s not just the cold, but the wet you typically have to deal with come autumn, and with that in mind (but also keeping things stylish), we’ve formulated this bonded cotton coat. It’s a classic equestrian-style garment, which, thanks to its taped seams, proofed fabric and two-ply construction (not to mention the storm flap across the shoulders), will be more than enough to protect you against unexpected showers. It’s also been built for ease of movement – a half-raglan construction at the shoulders allowing for a billowing shape across the back, and an adjustable back pleat that can be unbuttoned should you find yourself in the vicinity of a saddle (or, more likely, a bicycle). Its neutral grey-black colour should make it easy to wear with anything, but you must admit it looks rather smart with these micro-check brown cotton trousers.


What’s this? A suede shirt that on warmer autumn days can be worn as an overshirt, but, when it starts to get a bit nippy, is light enough to wear tucked into your trousers? Believe it. We particularly like it in the latter scenario as part of an all-black ensemble and worn with a pair of our classic, Tyrolean-style lace-ups in a matching finish.


The unstructured blazer is not a new concept, yet such garments tend to come in lighter fabrics, which is why we thought it opportune to experimentn with a weighty speckled cotton and wool houndstooth fabric. As it turns out, this jacket not only has a cosy, cardigan-like feel, but, thanks to the heft of the fabric, hangs wonderfully. Here, we’ve thrown it over a pale-orange shirt in a Japanese seersucker cotton.


As we recently remarked in The Journal, men’s fashion is not afraid of the word “commitment”; that is, it’s become quite normal to walk around in a co-ordinated two-piece outfit. This September, we’re offering our own spin on the look in the form of this chore jacket and wide-leg trouser combo, rendered in a new, rusty-burgundy colourway in our favourite Italian wide-wale corduroy. Whether you go the whole hog or simply invest in one half of this dynamic duo (the trousers are already online, the jacket will follow in the coming weeks), we’re sure you’ll appreciate the comfortingly substantial quality of these revamped, garment-washed workwear pieces.


Few things exemplify the idea of wrapping up warm better than a giant scarf, which you can quite literally coil around your shivering form in colder months until you are thoroughly swaddled. We’ve formulated a Mr P. version in a wool-mohair mix, employing what’s known as a “plating” technique in the manufacturing, so that the long mohair fibres sit atop the wool base – giving you heft and fluffiness at the same time.


Mr P.’s shearling jackets are always popular, which we hope reflects: first, their elegant design; second, their self-evident quality and third, the value for money they represent. This new variation on the form, with its cosy funnel-necked construction and handy interior zipped pockets, is a case in point. The only downside with such pieces is that they tend to sell out fast, so what are you waiting for?