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The Five Easy Pieces That Every Man Should Own In Spring 2019

Put a spring in your step with the latest from Mr P.’s collection of essential men’s wardrobe pleasers

There is most certainly a place in this world for the kind of man who spends studious hours curating and assembling the perfect outfit for strolling about town, attending to his squeaky-clean affairs, whatever they may be. And yes, this is, arguably, the kind of person whom we at MR PORTER first built our business upon: a man who is clean, sartorial, dipped head-first in pomade and practically perfect in every way. But we also know that every man cannot be this kind of stringently put-together superman all the livelong day. In fact, when it comes to dressing ourselves, we tend to seek out clothes that have a more subtly appealing quality: that is, ease.

We cannot overemphasise the pleasure in having a wardrobe full of clothes (high-quality clothes, mind you) that can be thrown on without much of a thought, interchanged with abandon, and worn and worn again, no matter which way the prevailing winds of that strange, unpredictable entity, fashion, are blowing. It’s an approach that, as well as promoting personal comfort, often looks rather good, too – if you need examples, perhaps do a quick Google image search of such iconic raffish, devil-may-care dressers as Mr David Hockney, a man who mixes colours like the British mix drinks, or Mr Gianni Agnelli, the king of that slightly undone look that the Italians call sprezzatura.

It’s this kind of throw-on-able style that we were thinking of when creating the latest drop of product for MR PORTER’s in-house label, Mr P. – the central mission of which is to provide you, dear reader, with clothing that looks sharp and stylish, but is an effortless dream to wear.

Scroll down to discover five new pieces that will make your sartorial life that little bit easier this spring.

The Pull-on Rugby Shirt

The rugby shirt has had a renaissance over the past few seasons, with a wide range of designer and streetwear brands offering their take on the classic sportswear style. But this spring, we were craving a version that was a little less rigid than your typical example, which tends to come in thick, woven cotton with a stiff contrast collar. So we invented this one. First of all, it comes with an open collar (our style director tells us that this is commonly referred to as a “johnny” collar), which means that, as the weather changes (and we’re holding out for improvement), it can easily be slung on and pulled off. Secondly, it’s knitted rather than woven – in a fine Italian cotton, no less. Both these factors deliver a new level of rugby shirt comfort that, in our humble opinion, is unmatched among its preppy peers. 

The Retro Varsity Jacket

varsity jacket is a classic slice of Americana, bringing to mind the golden-hued campuses of Ivy League universities as depicted in Mr Teruyoshi Hayashida’s 1965 photo book Take Ivy. Pragmatically, though, it’s a useful thing to whip out in chilly early spring, given that it can easily be popped on over a shirt or sweater when a strong breeze picks up, but is also light enough to wear indoors. There is, however, one problem with your typical jersey or sweat-fabric variation: it tends to sag after a while. In our new varsity jacket, created with a minimal, mid-century example in mind, we’ve circumvented this frustrating tendency by opting for a particularly finely woven compact loopback cotton that holds its shape exceptionally well. The custom-knit ribbing (as in, we created it especially for this garment) is also pleasingly substantial, and comes with a tactile piqué white strip to nod at the design’s sporting heritage. 

The Garment-Dyed Blazer

This unstructured blazer is a piece that you can wear with almost anything: yes, it’s a perfect, light layer for pulling over a Shetland wool sweater on a weekend walk, but at a pinch, with a button-down shirt or fine-knit crew neck, it will also stand up during the working week. Wherever you choose to wear it, be assured that its butterfly lining will allow you the utmost freedom of movement (as opposed to more structured variations) and its garment-dyed Italian cotton will start off a deep, vivid blue and fade unevenly over a time, for a beautifully worn-in effect. 

The Hero Cardigan

Mr Paul Newman was a fan of shawl-collared cardigans, which is explanation enough as to why this piece is among our spring essentials. But if we stopped there, we wouldn’t be able to tell you about the incredibly tactile cashmere blend yarn, nor the pleasing heft of its thick-rib knit. In fact, maybe the most important thing about this cardigan is that we conceived it, in a way, as a sort of knitwear-as-outerwear piece – the perfect thing to help you transition from winter into spring in the utmost comfort. As such, the key detail here is the double trims at the cuff and waist, which weigh the cardigan down and help it to hang on the body with a pleasing heft. 

The Spring Suede Jacket

The typical qualities of what we have come to refer to as a “spring suede” jacket are as follows: ultra-soft suede; a very light, unlined construction; a not inconsiderable price tag. In this version from Mr P., we’ve striven to retain the first two and lessen the “ouch” factor of the lattermost, meaning that it’s probably the best-value lightweight suede jacket you’re likely to see on MR PORTER all season. What’s more, we’re offering it in one of the easiest casual jacket shapes: the trucker. Ultimately, if the whole summer-suede thing is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, we hope this might give you an opportunity to take the plunge. We assure you, you won’t look back. 

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