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The Knitwear We’re Getting Cosy With This Winter

From sweaters and scarves to beanies and fingerless gloves – our warm clothes for cold fronts

The temperature has dropped, the sun sets at 4.00pm and the holiday season is just around the corner. All of a sudden, we’re feeling the need for an extra layer or two. Obviously, when presented with a misshapen scarf knitted by an elderly family friend on Christmas morning, we’ll wear it graciously, but we draw the line at a shop-bought novelty sweater. Why turn to comedy knitwear when some of the best designers on MR PORTER are focusing their formidable skills on cashmere and merino sweaters? Not to mention the scarves and woolly hats to see us through winter in style.

Below, the MR PORTER team champion their favourite pieces of knitwear from the winter collections. Every item is cosy and stylish. And while you’ll find the odd pop of colour, thankfully there are no reindeer with a red bobble for a nose.

Mr Olie Arnold, Style Director

It’s amazing what you can find in the knitwear department nowadays. Take this sweater by New York brand Deveaux, which is billed as a classic wardrobe staple reworked for today. It’s knitted from a plush cashmere with a wide mock-neck and a chunkier handle. The neutral grey tone will pair nicely with an earthy brushed-wool beanie hat by Mr P. and a cashmere scarf by Begg & Co. The days of faking a smile when you unwrap your woolly jumper from Grandma could be a thing of the past.

Mr Mark Blundell, Head of PR, International

I like to brighten up these dreary winter days with colour. A quick way to do this is to throw on a cheery hat and scarf. So, while this Kansy beanie by Acne Studios comes in midnight blue, it features a cheeky pink emoji-like logo. Meanwhile, this cosy scarf from Prada adds a subtle pop of yellow. But why hold back? I’ll layer up with this Gucci’s wool jacquard-intarsia sweater for a stylish take on the varsity look. So, if the heating’s not on, I’ll put on my new hat, scarf and sweater and have a cuppa to keep warm.

Ms Lili Göksenin, Senior Editor

I used to work in an office where head-to-toe black was unofficially verboten. You might assume that I would rebel now I no longer work there, but I fully drank the Kool-Aid. You’ll never catch me cosplaying as a goth, even in winter. Which is why I like this psychedelic Dries Van Noten knit, which ticks the easy-and-black and cool-sweater boxes. A cream Acne Studios beanie, which I’ll never be able to keep clean, and a mint scarf by AMI, are the only other bright spots keeping me going when it’s nighttime all the time here in the northern hemisphere.

Mr Ben Palmer, Creative Director

It’s yellow, it’s made from Shetland wool and it’s really rather nice. I’ve been eyeing up this Prada sweater since August. It’s the perfect colour and weight for colder days. Once you add in this dark blue Dries Van Noten scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves from rag & bone, the look is a touch Oliver Twist, which is just what I need at this time of year. Please sir, etc.

Mr Chris Elvidge, Marketing Editor

Grizzled trawlerman is the look I’ll be going for this winter, so there’s only one brand for me: the Irish knitwear specialist Inis Meáin. Based on the remote island of the same name, it makes Aran sweaters using traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. I’ll be pairing this chunky cable-knit rollneck sweater with a beanie from Bellerose and a scarf from Officine Generale. And some bright orange rubber fisherman’s overalls. And a lobster basket.

Mr Anish Patel, Commissioning Editor

Enswathing season is upon is. That is, the season of swaddling oneself in layers and layers of cashmere and merino to protect against the cold waves of winter, or whatever they’re calling the latest Beast of the East. Its second coming, they warn, will be more bone chilling than the last. This fills me with horror. As a cinnamon-skinned child of summer, I was destined to spend my life in eternal warmth, yet here I am anticipating Arctic temperatures and gusty winds, which I plan to avoid by hibernating at home bingeing on Netflix or in the local pub. In both scenarios I will be wearing this oversized sweater by AMI, Stüssy’s checked twill scarf and this bright hat by The Workers Club for some much needed colour during the grey season. How many days till summer?

Stay cosy

  • Inis Meáin Ribbed Merino Wool and Cashmere-Blend Scarf

  • Missoni Crochet-Knit Wool-Blend Scarf

  • Oliver Spencer Talbot Slim-Fit Wool-Jacquard Rollneck Sweater

  • Howlin' Lawrence Fair Isle Wool Sweater

  • Fusalp Styx Logo-Appliquéd Mélange Wool and Cashmere-Blend Beanie

  • The Elder Statesman Short Bunny Echo Ribbed Cashmere Beanie